Have you decided what you will give your partner, wife, or girlfriend this Women's Day? Gifts are only sometimes expensive because gifting is a process of acknowledgment and appreciation. Appreciating women in your life is important; giving them little tokens of love will bring them happiness.

Were you wondering what to get your girl this Women's Day? The process of celebrating is important, even if it means small gifts that are thoughtful and useful. In this blog, I will share some of the best ideas for gifting your woman, showing her your worth and effort.

Sometimes, women share what they love or plan to get something in a few days; you can utilize that to your advantage. Furthermore, you can also pick hints from when she shares and interacts with you over a relaxed cup of coffee. 

In this article, we will be exploring a variety of gifts that are both useful and stunning. Of course, consider your partner's personality and accordingly buy them the gift that will make her happy and positive towards helping her make it easier on some level.

20+ Budget Friendly Gift Ideas for Women's Day to Make Her Day!

20+ Budget Friendly Gift Ideas for Women's Day to Make Her Day!

International Women's Day is perfect for highlighting the achievements of your woman, even though you can celebrate every day! The day is celebrated worldwide, where women are recognized for their achievement, success, hard work, beauty, representation, and growth.

Upliftment is the reason for this celebration, so what are you wondering about? Have you appreciated your partner, girlfriend, wife, or lover recently? It is crucial to boost women in your life, including your girl, so let's plan something nice. 

When we are talking about the significance of women, it is unending in our lives! Women in the lives of men and women have often brought on the caring and motherly instinct. Can you give her something to make her feel special?

Nothing fancy or expensive but little things that will mean much more to her and encourage her to grow, develop, and succeed. Read this article to learn about 20 gift ideas that are both inexpensive and interesting.

I will highlight how these gifts will show gratitude towards and please your woman. As a man, you will read about some of the best cheap women's day gift ideas that will satisfy your woman to no extent!

1. Photo Frame

Photo Frame

This is an exciting gift idea for framing memories for a lifetime so that you can get photo frames for your girl! Now, it depends on your understanding of her style that you will be gifting the photo frame, which can be brassy or wood finish.

Every time your woman sees the picture and in the frame it is displayed, it will remind her of you. What could be better than giving her a photo frame to celebrate Women's Day? You can buy upsimples 8x10 Picture Frame, Display Pictures 5x7 with Mat, or 8x10 Without Mat on Amazon at $5.

2. A Book

A Book

If your woman is a reader, get her a book! Nothing is bigger than this! It is also not expensive but priceless; therefore, learn about her favorite genre and get her a book she looks forward to buying.

So, gifting books is a cheap women's day gift idea! If she loves sentimentality, getting a book will help her see your effort in knowing her. This will strengthen your bond on this women's day!

If she is a thriller fan, gift her the book The Silent Patient, which you can buy on Amazon for $10!

3. Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

Mixer grinders, blenders, coffee makers, juicers, and processors are some of the kitchen appliances that will count to your woman more than a bracelet if she is someone who loves cooking or baking!

Ofcourse, I am not trying to stereotype women, but guys, kitchen appliances are becoming the trend for gifting! Especially when the design and styles of the appliances have become so sexy and concise, it will please your woman.

Why don't you give her Wooden Bookmarks for Book Lovers, 2 Pieces handmade wood bookmarks for $5 on Amazon! If she is a book lover, 

4. Handmade Crafts

Handmade Crafts

Why don't you add your personal touch to the gifting idea for your woman on this women's day? Create handmade crafts, from wall hangings and room decor to jewelry that impresses the girl!

If you do not have a creative bone in your body, why don't you get some local artist or a creative friend to create handmade jewelry, such as a real small flower compressed locket on a chain or bracelet, giving the perfect love and support vibe?

5. Pen Stand

Pen Stand

Does your girlfriend sketch? Is art her thing? Why don't you give her a pen stand or a holder for all her pens, pencils, markers and paint brushes? She will go bonkers if she is someone who is a bit of an organizer!

She might sometimes use the pen stands for her workplace, storing office essentials. Hence, this is both an inexpensive but perfect gift for Women's Day, so buy the Poeland Desktop Storage Box Pencil Pen Holder on Amazon for $14!

6. Perfumes


Perfume is a common element that makes a lot of women appreciate themselves! Fragrances that help women become more confident and charming; hence, if you give your woman her favorite perfume or something that she has wanted for a long time, she will love you for it.

You have so much to choose from, and there is a wide variety of perfumes with diverse price ranges. Therefore, if you are looking for something that is pocket-friendly, you can gift perfume! It is one of the best cheap Women's Day gift ideas!

Even though there are expensive perfumes, I advise you to buy a Guess Eau de Parfum Spray for women at $18.84 from Amazon!

7. Slippers


With the availability of several styles, you can gift your girl comfortable and stylish slippers. It is an excellent idea for women's Day gift ideas because it is an important accessory for women, especially when it goes well with their day outfits.

This gift will ensure that you can get her beautiful slippers! There are countless numbers and styles of sandals, so get your lady some pretty shoes. Give this Litfun Women's Fuzzy Memory Foam slippers for about $18 on Amazon!

8. Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet

If your girl is a little clumsy and is habitually dropping things or forgetting stuff while she is going through your life, I have the perfect gift for you. You can buy a Zoppen passport holder family RFID passport wallet from Amazon, priced at around $16!

Please give her a coin pouch or travel waller in which she can organize her cash, coins, ID, photos, and cards. The gift is thoughtful and useful, so I am sure you will get some brownie points!

9. Aroma Oil Diffuser

Aroma Oil Diffuser

Gifting an aroma oil diffuser to your woman can be a spiritual connection and save some bucks. Beautiful and stylishly designed oil diffusers are in the market so that you can order based on your girl's preferences in the design or color!

Pick one of them and also be a selection of the wide range of aroma oils that will create a perfect environment for your girl! I already saw one for you on Amazon called the Salking essential oil diffuser of 100 ml, which is priced around $15, perfect for gifting!

10. Life Planner

Life Planner

Girls have a thing for hardbounds! So, if you plan to give her something this women's day, why don't you get her a hardbound planner? This can act as a journal or a workplace document where she can jot things down.

Try to find a hardbound planner with flowery patterns, art, or sketches, making it a creative gift! Visit the Amazon website, where you will get several options. However, I can advise you to buy the Monthly planner or calendar, 6.3" X8.4", priced around $15!

11. Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb

If you need clarification about gift ideas for Women's Day, you can think about something soft and feminine! How about organic bath bombs? Of course, you have heard of these upscale spa gifts that are not only scented but also made of essential oils!

The scents of these bath bombs will remind her of you and your love! A whole of fizz, and the essential oil signature scents, will make the bath bombs a perfect gift. Buy her the Bath Bombs for Women, which has 12 pieces of natural bath bomb gift sets that are handmade and priced around $16!

12. Nail Polish

Nail Polish

Girls love coloring their nails! You can give them a set of vibrant colors, and they will be over the moon. Her fingers will look attractive. Hence, you can plan to get her her favorite nail polish shade! 

If she is more of a pastel girl, get her the modelones Nail polish Set 6 colors, and she will be on the moon!

13. Makeup Kit

Makeup Kit

Do you want your girl to look effortlessly beautiful? How about gifting her that makeup kit she has been thirsting for? If you get her a makeup kit that includes foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow, eye line, lipstick, nail polish, eye shadows, eye pencils, and others, you are a gem of a man!

What can be better than a makeup kit for cheap Women's Day gift ideas? This is the perfect gift for Women's Day because it might encourage her to follow her passion for a career as a makeup artist. We advise you to buy the Hot Sugar makeup kit for women from Amazon for about $29!

14. Custom Phone Case

Custom Phone Case

Adding an image to a phone cover or creating artwork if you have the creative juice flowing on a phone case is a perfectly thoughtful, cute, and personalized gift. She will give you points for being observant and would flaunt among her friends! For example, get the sublimation black phone case cover and a blank printable phone case for your beautiful girl!

15. Sunglasses


If your girl loves shades, I have another inexpensive but perfect option for you to gift! Get her sunglasses that are of classic shades! 

You can get polarized glasses, which will also help block harmful UV rays completely. Get her those Hexagon Polarized sunglasses for womens at around $11!

16. Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

If your girlfriend loves sleeping well, that's cute, but it might create havoc on her daily schedule and lifestyle. Get her a cute alarm clock that will make her happy even when she is pissed waking up!

You can easily find a unique gift on Amazon that is cheap and cute and send it to your girl. She will be grateful to have such a sweet guy thinking about her! A cute duck alarm clock is available on Amazon at $22 and below!

17. Spa Gift Basket

Spa Gift Basket

Design a gift basket for your woman to have her spa day or night! You can collect her favorite shower gel or shampoo, body scrub, exfoliating sponge, bath crystals, bath salts, and fizzlers and create a perfect gift basket.

Get a trendy and attainable basket so your girl can use it for other purposes and smile every time she uses it! Your thoughtfulness and effort will matter in the end. Thank us later, dude! 

You can get the Birthday Gifts for Women Pickle 8-Pcs Sunflower Style Gift Basket for Women on Amazon for $21!

18. Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organizer

With women obsessed over a huge makeup collection, why don't you give her organizers for her makeup? It will help her organize her essentials, thus making the makeup process easier.

Try to find an organizer with a zipper so your girl can use it to store her credit cards, debit cards, and phone when she is traveling or is outside and needs a touch-up! 

You can get an organizer for her washroom, such as the CHANCESUI Makeup Organizer with drawers makeup desk organizer, for $13 on Amazon! You can also get a bag as an organizer of the company OCHEAL makeup bag for the same price on Amazon.

19. Jewelry


A piece of jewelry goes a long way in making your girl happy! You don't have to buy her something expensive; simple, cheap jewelry is elegant, styled, and cute. 

You have various choices, from bracelets, pendants, silver hook earrings, finger rings, bowties for her hair, and others! The list is endless. Halo Crown Moon Stars Goddess Crown Halo Headband is a perfect jewelry set for your girl that you can buy on Amazon at $13.

20. Hobo Bags

Hobo Bags

Women have to carry everything in their bags, so why don't you give her a hobo bag that offers an idea of both a big and comfortable feel? A durable bag with good storage space will be perfect for your girl!

With this bag, you can carry stuff and can easily find it. The prices of hobo bags are also not very expensive, along with being more sustainable. How about you order Montana West hobo bags on Amazon, which range from $15 to $25?

Finishing Off…

I have made a list for you in this blog to summarize most of the cheap women's day gift ideas! These ideas are affordable and useful, especially when most of these integrate effort and love.

It is easier to connect emotional and intellectual connection with your woman by pleasing her. These gifts will not only please her but also show her how thoughtful you are towards her likes and choices.

Comment on what a gift that is not expensive is that is also quite interesting and useful. Hence, it will influence her to appreciate your effort and feel thankful.

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