Constipation typically relates to certain irregular bowel motions, such as the absence of stool, decreased frequency of feces, and hard, difficult-to-pass stools.

People often overlook constipation, thinking it has no serious effect on the body.

However, if constipation is suspected, you can see a colorectal surgeon. This article will highlight some of the possible causes, effects, and treatment of constipation.

Effects of Constipation

Do you know that some people may develop chronic constipation that significantly hinders their ability to carry out their regular activities?

A bowel movement may also be painful and require undue effort if you have chronic constipation. More significantly, it might eventually result in major issues, including hemorrhoids and anal fissures, if it is disregarded and not treated. Knowing the warning signs of constipation helps with suitable and prompt therapies.

Effects of Constipation

When you're constipated, the following may be observed:

Signs and Symptoms Of Constipation

  • Having firm or lumpy stools
  • Passing less than three stools each week
  • Having trouble passing feces which could result in bloody stool
  • Not feeling fully empty after a bowel movement
  • Straining while going to the bathroom
  • Cramps or stomach aches that are alleviated by bowel movements
  • Bloody stools brought on by hemorrhoids and anal fissures that are tearing
  • Stool leaks that resemble diarrhea in between bowel movements

How To Treat Constipation

How To Treat Constipation

Following a diagnosis of constipation, the following measures may help treat it.

1. Training in anorectal biofeedback

This treatment program uses instrument-based and neuromuscular conditioning techniques to promote regular bowel movements to educate the muscles in the relevant and rectal areas. This exercise monitors the pressure profile of the rectal sphincter muscles by inserting an anal probe.

The patient can learn about efficient methods to pass or hold feces healthily thanks to the immediate computation of the muscle functioning during bowel movement on the screen.

Also, patients will receive help from experienced gastroenterologists and nurses with training in biofeedback during training sessions.

Training includes using the right seating positions to promote bowel motions and other bodily functions, abdominal breathing that allows air to enter deeply into the diaphragm and raises abdominal pressure, and the right relaxation and contraction techniques.

2. Adopting A New Lifestyle

A required change in lifestyle includes passing stool right away (when pressed), taking enough time to urinate without feeling rushed or distracted, sitting in the right positions, eating more fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables, exercising, and drinking enough water.

3. Use Of Laxatives

There are various kinds of laxatives, and each one functions differently to facilitate bowel movements. Rectal suppositories, rectal enemas, osmotic laxatives, and stimulant laxatives are the most frequently used laxatives. Although the majority of laxatives are rather safe, it is strongly advised that only doctors should administer laxatives.

4. Surgery

Finally, surgery can also be used to treat constipation in severe cases. In cases of chronic constipation that are primarily brought on by delayed transit or a blockage, surgery may be a possibility if other therapies fail. The surgical removal of a portion of the colon may only be done by extremely skilled surgeons like a colorectal surgeon.


It's important not to overlook constipation. Serious consequences such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, fecal impaction, rectal prolapse, and other disorders linked to them that eventually, damage general health may develop if it is not treated. As soon as possible, seek medical assistance if constipation is suspected.



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