Top 10 Things to Do in Perth

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Going to Perth, or living in that beautiful city and wondering what to do? This article gives you the top few most exciting or interesting things to do to enjoy your time in that city. Whether you hop onto the golf course Perth local enjoy or you go to one of the beaches, there’s plenty of opportunity for fun in the city.

Here’s your must-do list.



If you really want to relax and take time out by yourself, then head to one of the quality golf courses that Perth has to offer. Some of them have lovely ocean views and restaurants with impressive menus. There are 18-hole and 9-hole courses, and some of them are rated as part of Australia’s top 10.

If you need professional help for your game, there are usually people on-site to assist.


If you don’t go to one of the stunning beaches, you’re really missing out! Perth has sparkling white sands and crystal-clear water:

  • Cottesloe Beach has a laidback surf culture
  • Mullaloo Beach is safe for all swimmers including children
  • Scarborough beach has a beach pool, a play area for children, and a skate bowl.

When at any of the refreshing beaches, you can learn to surf. Local experts will provide you with board and the skills to take to the waves in a safe, but fun manner. Learn to conquer the sea and enjoy it while exercising.

If you already know how to surf, then crank it up a notch and try kitesurfing. Many people find scudding along the waves exhilarating. It’s also beautiful to be a spectator and watch the multicolored kites floating over the water, with surfers crisscrossing each other and performing all kinds of tricks.

Sunset Catamaran Cruises

Sunset Catamaran Cruises

You can always go on the river. Try a catamaran cruise at sunset, and watch the city lights turn on. Enjoy wines and supper while you see the city from a different vantage point. Boating reminds people of adventure, so it’s worth a try for adrenaline junkies and those who want some peaceful downtime.

Beer and Wine Trails

What could be more fun than a brewery or wine tour? Get to sample some of the world’s finest beers and wines, whilst finding out about the process from growing the plants to the distilling or fermenting process. Sample some of those beers or wines, and buy some of the finest drinks for your enjoyment once you’re at home again.

Aquarium of Western Australia

To experience the wonder and awe of the ocean, go to the Aquarium of Western Australia. You will see sharks, stingrays, and turtles, along with the rare leafy sea dragon. In the Danger Zone, find deadly stingers and biters, and a little further along, a coral reef. Not only that, but you can touch some marine animals in the Touch Pool. People of all ages will enjoy this.

Quad Biking and Sandboarding

Quad Biking and Sandboarding

Quad biking is biking on four-wheeled motorized bikes. You feel really free when riding one of these bikes, going over lumps and bumps in the road with relative ease. Quad biking companies are found in various areas around Perth, so you’re sure to locate a vendor with ease. Even if you don’t yet have a driver’s license, this is a legal, fun way to move around.

Two hours north of Perth, you find the Pinnacles Desert with its Lancelune Sand Dunes. Here you can do some sandboarding – an entirely different experience from snowboarding. There is someone to teach you if you don’t know how to.

While you’re in the area, go and see some wild dolphins, kangaroos, and emus. You can feed the kangaroos by hand – an experience you’ll never forget!

Hot Air Balloon Flight

There are dawn balloon flights over the Avon Valley. Watch the lush green landscape below while you float over meandering streams. Enjoy a champagne breakfast whilst you’re high in the sky and watch the sunrise as you listen to the sounds that come with the dawn.

Kings Park and Botanical Garden

Kings Park and Botanical Garden

Kings Park is one of the world’s largest inner-city parks. It’s home to the Western Australia Botanical Gardens and shows off 3000 of the floral species in this state. It’s rich in Aboriginal and European History.

You can go on a tour, hire a bike, or simply join one of the walkways to explore. Just take a park map with you—you can get lost because of its vast size.

Visit the Fremantle Markets

You have the option to pop into the Fremantle Markets over the weekend. They are famous for their artisanal goods and spirit of free trade. You can find fresh produce, hand-crafted souvenirs, and clothing.

It’s the ideal place to be if you enjoy shopping, or simply learn about the history of the place.

Visit an Island in the middle of the City

You can easily visit Heirisson Island in the middle of Perth. It has many picnic spots, a kangaroo sanctuary, and a children’s playground. It’s very important for the Noongar people.


Perth has a great deal to offer anyone who wishes to relax and take some time out. You can visit there at any time of year – there’s always something to do!

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