12 Places You Should Travel To Before You Turn 30

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The World Wide Web is seething with attractive destinations and must-see locations, some of which are better experienced when you’re young. If you’re under 30, you need to understand or re-invent yourself; you need to center yourself and put your own life into perspective; you need to have fun and live thrilling adventures. You need beauty, emotion, and reason bundled up in one pack.

Travel while you are young and while you have the energy to explore. Numerous travellers often save up or compare a few personal loan plans to source the money for their vacation. With all the benefits of travelling, here’s 12 destinations should visit before you turn 30:

1. Patagonia, South America:


Patagonia is picturesquely set at the border of Chile and Argentina, guarded by the Andes. This mountainous region boasts diverse, breathtaking views. From steppes and deserts to lush grassland and fjords, Patagonia is a realm of harmoniously arranged contrasts.

You can explore Patagonia’s gigantic glaciers, bask your eyes in its crystal blue lakes or marvel at its monumental granite walls. Visiting this place before you turn 30 makes Mother Earth shine in a new light.

2. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil:


Young people want to have fun, enjoy a vibrant nightlife and adrenaline-pumping activities. Rio de Janeiro is a paradise of jaw-dropping landscapes. Sandy beaches and imposing mountains with lush tropical forests sit side by side with intricate architectural gems and the sensuous Samba-filled nightlife.

3. Bali:


Bali offers dramatic landscapes, with emerald-lush forests, heart-throbbing volcanic landscapes, and tranquil beaches. The picturesque rice fields, the welcoming locals and the temples create a sense of quiet spirituality. Breathing in this calmness helps you center yourself.

4. Florence And Venice, Italy:


The marvels of the Italian Renaissance are best appreciated by young people, who were always the engine of civilization. Admiring the works of Michelangelo and da Vinci, Botticelli and Brunelleschi can inspire anyone. The scrumptious Italian cuisine, its vibrant nightlife, shopping opportunities, and romantic gondola rides are what turns this country into a treasure-trove of adventures.

5. Siem Reap, Cambodia:

Siem Reap

The temples at Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, and Phnom Kulencomprise the best works of the Khmer Empire. From giant smiling Buddha statues to vegetation-covered temples and pink sandstone ornate carvings, these temples are best discovered in your youth.

Siem Reap has a bustling nightlife too, a vibrant Night Market, and Cambodia is recognized for its delicious mix of cuisines. Besides, this country is one of the most affordable destinations.

6. The Whole Of Greece:


Greece, the land of Gods and history, is a must-see country that never gets you bored. Admire the imposing temple of Parthenon in Athens, visit Thesalloniki with its old churches, or hike through Mount Olympus, the ancient home of the Gods.

Exploring the whole of Greece is going to be costly and hence, finding the right legal financial institutions to help you fulfill your goals is important. That being said, Greece is filled with breathtaking views, dramatic cliffs, sandy-white beaches, and crystal-clear waters under peaceful, cerulean skies.

The monasteries at Meteora, built on huge rock pillars seem to guard the landscape, creating a deep sense of spirituality. Island-hopping brings you down to earth and allows you to enjoy a bubbly nightlife, while the local amusement parks will raise your adrenaline levels.

7. The Pacific Crest Trail, America:

Pacific Crest Trail

If you want to go on a journey to self-discovery, there’s nothing better than the PCT for people under 30. This bushcraft experience will help test your limits, meet new people, and learn new skills.

You will experience a wide array of emotions, from loneliness to accomplishment, to frustration, friendship, gratitude, and awe in the face of momentous landscapes. You will roam through mountain ranges, deserts, volcanoes, ancient forests, and solitary waterfalls to ultimately find your place in this world.

8. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia:

Salar de Uyuni

There are many natural wonders you can’t miss on this earth, but many of them are overly publicized and seething with tourists. On the other hand, the salt flats at Salar de Uyuni are less popular, albeit spectacular.

These mirror-like fields are perfect for taking perspective photographs and admiring the reflected skyline.

The descendant of a prehistoric lake, Salar de Uyuni puts today’s weather changing patterns and the Earth’s evolution into perspective. Not to mention it gives amazing opportunities for funny social media pictures.

9. The Inca Trail, Machu Picchu:

Machu Picchu

Exploring the 15th century Inca Trail offers incredible views, adrenaline-pumping opportunities, and a good way to test your limits.

But the Inca Trail is a life-changing opportunity for anyone under 30 because it gives you the chance of understanding a culture very dissimilar to our own. While the rest of the world fought wars and conquered nearby territories, the Incas were peacefully expanding their empire. While the western world viewed time as a linear experience, the Incas experienced it as circular.

All these concepts that define the Inca philosophy are reflected in the monuments and constructions you can see along the Inca Trail towards the imposing Machu Picchu.

10. Most Of Japan:


Japan is another land of contrasts that can help you understand your past, your present and your future. A visit to Japan can help you realize what you want to do with your life.

This country is where you can visit ancient temples, gain a sense of spirituality and delight in Man’s constructions at the same time. Japan is the cradle of robotics and innovation, but also a place for tradition, where you address your superiors with fear and trembling.

11. The Northern Lights:

Northern Lights

The magnetic spectacle of the Northern Lights is not just awe-inspiring; it’s educational, it’s humbling, romantic, and centering.

A visit to Iceland or Norway where you can bask in the Northern Lights will unravel other attractions. The volcanic beaches and melting pot of landscapes in Iceland is complemented well by the picturesque fishing villages in Norway. You can admire fjords, glaciers, deep blue waters, volcanic beaches, and experience an energetic nightlife.

12. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt:


The Pyramids of Giza still hold a grip on the modern world, with their aura of mystery and magnificence. These pyramids reflect the imagination and work of ancient people who built these monuments with their sweat and blood in a time when they didn’t have our tools and knowledge.

Exploring the pyramids in Egypt transports you back into time, puts your own life in perspective and helps you learn amazing things about the ancient Egyptians, through their rituals and monuments. When looking to book a trip to Egypt to witness its wonders with your own eye, you can do so through Inside Egypt to get the most out of your vacation with unique, luxury, cultural, and archaeological tours.

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