Top 5 Must Visit Sunset Points in India

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Visit Sunset Points

Sunsets are always so intimidating and peaceful that one can never just enough of them. The sun while setting provides a different view at different places and if you are also one of those who love capturing the moment in eyes or in-camera, here we are bringing to you the top 5 sunset points that you can catch in India. The best part about it is that you can explore this enchanting beauty by just traveling within local limits. Check out the list that we have created just for you down below!

1. Kanyakumari Sunset Point, Tamil Nadu :


This sunset point can be ranked number 1 undoubtedly. You can catch the sun setting and providing a beautiful soothing ray of hope to you and a mesmerizing view as well. The tree oceans meet at that point and when the sun sets the whole ocean view and sky turning orange is something where you can spend the whole life. The beach also has a light tower which can make your experience a whole lot better.

Kanyakumari Sunset Point, Tamil Nadu

Best time to visit :

The best time to visit the bitch is the onset of winters as there isn’t too much rain to disrupt the view and the weather remains nice to you as well. The sunset usually occurs at around 6 pm there. However, it may vary with the weather.

2. Puri Beach, Odisha :


Many people make trips to Odisha to see the beauty of temples and great monuments that are there. But, are you aware that you can find the best sunset viewpoint on its much famous Puri beach? The city is also a bit quiet and the whole trip that you plan will take you away from all the hustle and bustle of city life! If you do not live in Puri then you can plan the trip at holiday packages or available offers today.

Best time to visit :

The weather of Odisha is usually good but the best time to visit the place is during the post-monsoon period (October – December). Sunset usually happens around 6 pm at Puri Beach.

3. Taj Mahal, Agra :


Have you seen just the Taj Mahal when you visited the place? Or have you never visited the Taj Mahal? The beautiful sunset that you can catch from Taj Mahal]9 is something you should not miss out on and it is yet another reason why you should visit the place right now! Taj Mahal is beautiful at all times of the day but when you see the whole sky and the bank turn orange and the birds fly it is a whole different view altogether. You should plan your next trip accordingly to the time that you can catch the sunset or sunrise at.

Taj Mahal, Agra

Best time to visit :

Agra being in the core of Uttar Pradesh is usually pretty hot in the summers so you should make your trip during the beginning of the winters. The sunset usually occurs from about 5:45 there, though it may vary according to the climate at that time.

4. Nandi Hills, Karnataka :


Nandi Hills is a touristy place and much known for its breathtaking beauty. But, have you ever wondered about catching up on the hills just to see the sunset. This place is a boon for people who live in Bengaluru because you can easily get out of your hectic life of all the work at a weekend getaway to Nandi Hills. It is just a 60 km drive away from Bengaluru and the whole journey is full of beautiful views. The sunset results in the showering of yellow and orange lights from the sky to the hills which you can definitely not miss if you are a fan of nature.

Best time to visit :

That is the whole point, you can go there at any time of the year since the sunset is set up around hilly areas and Bengaluru has a great climate anyway. Usually, sunset occurs around 6 pm at that place.

5. Palolem Beach, Goa :


Palolem beach is situated at the Canacona region of the Goa and its sunset is one of the hidden gems in the sunset genre among tourists. But, that does not mean that you do not see it, apart from the great weather, view, palm trees when the sun sets down the whole beach turns red and the soothing breeze makes it even more amazing. The beach is called island paradise and has many other spots to go on to. Because the whole place is a bit small it is not commercialized that much and makes it even more peaceful.

Palolem Beach, Goa

Best time to visit :

Best time to visit Goa? You can go there at any time be it winters or summers and you will find only good vibes there. The sunset time at the beach ranges from 5:45 to – 6:00 pm.

So, what are you still thinking about? Enjoy the beauty of the sunset that is nearby to you. Along with the sunset points, you can plan your whole trip to these places or just visit the particular sunset place on a weekend. We assure you that you will not regret going to any of these places. So hurry up, book tickets, pack your bag, and leave for the picturesque views.

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