Top 8 Most Famous Honeymoon Beaches Of The World – 2021 Updates

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Famous Honeymoon Beaches

Promising each other and viewing is the starting of the marriage life. And your honeymoon trip can be the most beautiful trip of a lifetime. Almost 80% of the couple are planning to see the sea. Because; honeymoon beaches are the best romantic place in the entire world. The beaches are all wide, and you get to see the endless blue sea in front of you. If you want to plan for a romantic honeymoon, always pick the best romantic beaches for your honeymoon and enjoy your first trip at the starting of your married life.

Your choice of honeymoon destination is making your next phase of life more memorable. And this one-lifetime experience is the most potent formula that keeps your material relationship french and strong.

8 Best Famous Honeymoon Beaches Of The World

When you plan to start your married life, leaving all headaches behind and enjoying the view in front of the sea is keeping your sweet moments memorable. And honeymoon beaches are the best place to receive all your leisure and simply relish your honeymoon days while drinking coconut water and sunbath.

Here are the names of eight unique honeymoon destinations around the world.

1. Santorini, Greece

After your marriage, you are going to take the vows and promise each other to hold your hands for a lifetime. And marriage means it’s all about living happily ever after. Santorini Greece is so beautiful indeed when you are in the place you are thinking maybe you are leaving in your dreams. 

If you are in search of the most beautiful best honeymoon destination in the world. Santorini is one of the popular Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea.

Here are the names of some popular romantic honeymoon destinations in Santorini, Greece:

  • Perissa Black Sand 
  • Imerovigli
  • Akrotiri
  • Oia
  • Pyrgos

2. Hawai 

Hawai, as the romantic honeymoon island beach, is seeking the most valuable spot among newlyweds couples. The gorgeous romantic sea beaches, pleasant climate, clear blue water. 

Hawaii has a unique cultural diversity, and the big island offers many romantic tours and victorious types of activity for the newlywed people. All the beachside entertainments are present, like deep-sea diving, swimming, sunbath, snorkeling, and hiking.

Here are the names of a few popular and unique honeymoon destinations in Hawaii:

  • Oahu(Most romantic destination in Hawaii)
  • Maui
  • Honolulu
  • Kauai
  • Kaanapali

3. Florence- Italy

Italy is the city of history and the origin of many ancient cultures. These seaside countries are popular because of their unique cultural diversity and the beautiful romantic gesture making these honeymoon beaches most suitable for all newlywed couples. Couples can also enjoy these beaches in luxury by booking one of the private villas for rent in Tuscany. Booking a villa is perfect for couples who want to enjoy privacy during their honeymoon.

Florence is the capital city of the Tasmanian region and is situated in central Italy. There are numerous things to do in Florence, such as exploring its rich history, art, and culture, including visits to world-renowned museums and historical landmarks like Uffizi Gallery and the Florence Cathedral. The sea is a little bit wild here, so all the water sports are becoming very famous among the locals and newlyweds couples. From the ancient city balcony, you can see how the weaves are pounding on the beachside cliffs and providing magnificent views.

Here are the names of the popular honeymoon beach:

  • Arno River Banks
  • Fiesole Town
  • Boboli Garden
  • Santa Croce
  • City Tour By Cart

4. Bali-Indonesia

You are lounging on the beachside and enjoying the sunset and sunrise while taking small sips from your cocktail glass. This is the most pleasing atmosphere of every newlywed couple.

In the top honeymoon destinations, Bali is remaining on the top priority list among the newlywed couple. Bali consistently scores high as the honeymoon beach because of the beautiful atmosphere and nice hospitality from the locals. Bali is a quite popular tourist and honeymoon destination and has some separate beaches just for newlywed couples.

Here are the names of some famous honeymoon beaches in Bali:

  • Sanur Beach
  • Blue Lagoon Beach
  • Balangan Beach
  • Dreamland Beach
  • Bingin Beach
  • Suluban Beach

5. Fiji

Are you looking for the best honeymoon island? Choose any honeymoon resorts in Bali and enjoy your precious time with your spouse. Among the top honeymoon spots, Fiji island is always on our top property list. Fiji is not only romantic. 

The unique hospitality and comfort are making the island a more desirable destination for newlywed couples. All the honeymoon resorts provide the topmost comfort and luxury, and this comfort and luxury make your romantic honeymoon the most memorable time to remember.

Here are the names of a few most popular spots on Fiji Island:

  • Mamanuca Islands
  • Denarau Island
  • Denarau Island
  • Nadi
  • Taveuni Island

6. Maldives

The Maldives is counted as the most romantic honeymoon beach in the world. These romantic beaches are not very costly, and unique culture, food, and hospitality give you heavenly feelings. Along with the natural beauty of the Maldives, you can simply enjoy adventure water sports. Along with this natural sunbathing and tanning, you are getting thousands of options to keep your mind cool and relaxing. The place is full of different spas and restaurants. And they also provide a couple of massage facilities. Hence both of you can enjoy the massage and relaxing your mind.

Here are the names of some famous romantic honeymoon spots:

  • Alimatha Island
  • Fihalhohi Island
  • Mihiri Island
  • Bandaara Kilhi Lake
  • Banana Reef
  • Tsunami Monument

7. Phuket

Bangkok and Phuket always keep their place in all sea lover’s hearts. As the honeymoon beach, Phuket has always kept its own permanent place in our hearts. Phuket has always maintained its quality by its unique honeymoon destinations and unique flavors of ethnicity and tradition. 

All the resorts of Phuket are providing unique styles of traveling experiences along with their un-compatible hospitality. 

Here are the names of some best honeymoon places in Phuket:

  • Phi Phi Island
  • White Water 
  • Splash Jungle Waterpark
  • Fantasea Theme Park
  • Phang Nga Bay
  • Kata Noi Beach

8. British Virgin Island

The Virgin Islands are all time the best destinations as the honeymoon beach. At the time of your honeymoon, the first thing both of you have to keep in your thoughts is how both of you can spend your alone time. 

And more alone time means you are creating much more memorable moments for yourself. The British Virgin Islands allow you to enjoy your honeymoon time by simply seeing nature and walking on the white sand of the beaches.

Check out the few names and popular romantic honeymoon activities on the British Virgin island:

  • Trunk Bay
  • Learning Surfing
  • Enjoy the Yacht Ambiance
  • Peter Island

Wrapping Up

Romance is the most valuable fervor of the tropical region. All of these eight places are popular, and they provide the unique experiences of honeymoon beach. If you want to make your honeymoon the most memorable moments and want to deliver a unique experience for your spouses, choose among these destinations and do not forget to share your valuable experiences with us.

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