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The Last Voyage Of The Demeter’ Reignites Lore Of Dracula Or Fizzles Out?

author-img By sagnika sinha 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

‘The Last Voyage Of The Demeter’ Reignites Lore Of Dracula Or Fizzles Out_

In the USA, The Last Voyage of the Demeter movie is releasing in theaters today, and the question remains? Is there anything new? The world of cinema-making has always been fascinated with the lore of Count Dracula!

Universal Studios has been addressed as the home of classic movie monsters such as The Mummy, Frankenstein, and others. From time to time, they have tried to produce movies that offer a different take on these timeless tales, some of which might have worked!

However, with every interpretation of these timeless tales, it is expected to be bigger and better! The Last Voyage of the Demeter is falling short of that! It is nothing different when it interprets the journey of Count Dracula from BramStoker’s Dracula on a sea vessel to London!

According to the trailer, the plot is easily highlighted when the unholy presence of Count Dracula looms over the crew of the ship Demeter. The ship sailed from Carpathia to its destination to, London, and with the cargo boxes on the boat, clearly there is an underlying mystery.

It starts with the dog, who gets picked up first, and then the crew members start disappearing while bite marks appear on the neck of the living members of the ship! There is no chill in how it has been presented, while it’s dark in most of the movie.

There is no persisting logic, as no one raises any questions about the problems in the dark! Instead, all they seem to do is run, scared of the one they know is doing all this! The disappointment you will be experiencing is in Dracula himself, as he is depicted as more of a beast than a human!

The novel is obvious on the perception of Count Dracula, an enigma of a man and a supernatural being!

He was much more than a blood-thirsty vampire with way more control than a priest! Instead, he is freaking out like a deer in the headlight, scared of humans.

Films like BramStoker’s Dracula, Nosferatu’s The Vampyre, Shadow Of The Vampire, and Dracula have different takes and perceptions of folklore. And yet, the movie, The Last Voyage of the Demeter, has nothing new to offer.

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