In the final episode of "City Primeval," we saw a man turn his hat into his badge and gun. He has been doing this for the past few decades, and finally, City Primeval declares that this is a Detroit case. After that, Albanians bring Clement and Raylan to Skender's place, where Carolyn is waiting.

Toma states his agreement with her that Raylan will be taken care of, and at the same time, Clement will also be taken care of. Then they lock Mansell inside the Skender's safe room without any provision and let him die there. One noticeable thing is Raylan pushes the door's button to close.

As Toma has already examined, this room is soundproof, and Clement cannot get outside. After a few moments, he utters that a tenant might get a smell, and after that, cops will be able to figure out that Clement went to hide there and so on.

At this point, it might seem foolish. This is the fact that Clement is clever, and he doesn't even bother to escape. As time spans, a lot of space exists for several things to happen.

The final act in this episode, where City Primeval is required to spend more money to show Raylan's actions clearly and his old nature, which is feeling disgusted in facing other criminals. At the end of this episode, Carolyn exits, but Raylan enters the Kitchen and waits for Mansell. After that, Mansell kicks up the window and enters the kitchen.

There, he sees that Raylan is waiting, and Mansell starts telling the colorful stories. Then, after a few moments, he walks towards the fridge, takes the beer, and talks continuously. Raylan shoots him a few times without feeling hesitation.

After six weeks, Raylan comes to Miami to attend a retirement party for his boss. At that event, Greg Sutter gives a speech and talks about the discouragement he used to give his daughter to become a marshal.

A few days later, Raylan's phone starts vibrating when he gets an alert that a prisoner has escaped in Kentucky. He then ignores them, but Willa suggests talking with them.  

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