Also known as the “Nature Island of the Caribbean”, the Commonwealth of Dominica is famous for its broad natural park system, variety of flora and fauna. Most of the island is enveloped by rainforest with a dozen waterfall, lakes and rivers. You’ll also find some of the best hiking tracks unlike anything surrounded by nature reserves.

Dominica citizenship by investment is a fast track to land on this serene and tropical paradise that’s possible through the Citizenship by Investment Program. It’s highly reliable and has been functional since 1993, entrenched legally with the Dominican Law. Successful applicants gain full and legal citizenship for themselves as well as their family (only if they applied) by contributing to the country’s economy.

The advantages

Being a legal citizen of Dominica, you can benefit from the following;

  1. Dominica citizenship by investment programme is the oldest and most trusted of all around the world. Becoming a native is a gateway to lasting peace and quality lifestyle!
  2. Visa-free travel to more than 115 countries that include the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Schengen
  3. Complete residential status along with the right to live and access to business.
  4. Minimum taxation with zero percent tax for wealth, inheritance, gift, foreign income and capital gains.
  5. Permission of keeping dual citizenship.
  6. No strict regulation over staying in Dominica for three or more years before citizenship has been granted.
  7. The entire application process is confidential and tailored to suit every candidate.

Lifestyle benefits

Dominica is entitled as “world’s happiest places to live”as the state boasts significant count of centurions (people older than 100 years old). The country offers serene and easy-going lifestyle with a safe and pristine environment. It’s also a culturally vibrant and friendliest community in the entire Caribbean region so you don’t want to miss this one at all!

Dominica holds the reputation of being the most beautiful islands in all Caribbean hence entitled as the “Nature Island of the Caribbean”. It’s a perfect blend of majestic waterfalls, emerald mountains and countless rivers surrounded by azure sea that make you feel as if in wonderland.

The country also hosts world’s second-largest hot spring known as the “Boiling Lake” that’s an epicentre of diving and snorkelling activities! Scuba-diving is another fun activity that’ll let you explore the underwater shipwrecks.

The Morne Trois Pitons National Park, in 1998 was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to active participation of the country in Green Globe program and its efforts to make Earth cleaner and better.

Business benefits

  1. Dominica is a proud co-signee of double taxation treaties with CARICOM and the USA.
  2. No restriction on expulsion of profits and capital import.
  3. Duty-free trade across the entire Caribbean region.
  4. Currency is pegged to the US dollar.
  5. Tax relief benefits, export allowance, incentives on corporate tax andzero percent (full exemption) on import duties.

Global mobility

Passport holders enjoy benefits of international travel that includes the UK, Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as visa-free commutation to the Schengen Area. Additional benefits are there to exploit on special events and holidays.


With all the advantages as mentioned above, Dominica citizenship by investment is worth getting your hands on!


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