7 Useful Tips for Successful Exam Preparation

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Exam Preparation

Everyone has the potential for good academic results. But while we all study at our own pace and some people can plan and organize quite easily and naturally, hardly anyone is completely immune to the many challenges that may come with studying for an exam.

Unfortunately, there aren’t real shortcuts and the only way to learn is to study, whether you are preparing for a simple test, your finals, or an AQA exam for your GCSE. Instead, rather than looking for ways to skip some steps, you should strive for efficient learning, one that helps you progress continuously and firmly.

1. Self-Evaluate

Exam Preparation

Self-evaluation is a natural part of the process of learning. For example, if you are preparing for your GCSE, practicing on AQA past papers will give you more confidence for the exam and it’s the best way to get familiarized with the test format and know exactly what to expect on the day of the exam.

This is a great technique to identify the areas that you need to reinforce and strengthen your knowledge.

2. Ask for Help

Studying with others is a great way to make sure that you are prepared for an exam. Study groups and tutors are both great options, especially if you are preparing several subjects at once, or a subject that you are struggling with.

Professional tutors can help you prepare for more challenging exams, such as AQA or EDEXCEL, while study groups are perfect for checking how well you are prepared interactively.

3. Get Rid of Distractions

3. Get Rid of Distractions

Steering clear of distractions has never been as difficult as it is today. Having all of our friends in a small device posting all kinds of interesting stuff on social media is certainly fun, but it’s also one of the biggest enemies of focus nowadays.

It’s simple, active reading and listening are crucial for learning, whether you are working in a study group or practicing on AQA past papers alone, so when it’s time for studying, you have to put anything that might break your concentration aside.

4. Start Early

One of the easiest ways to be successful academically is to take advantage of your brain’s incredible capacity to absorb information.

By listening in class, being present, taking notes, being responsible with homework and assignments you are already preparing for any of your future exams. This may be easier said than done for many people but it is a good strategy for learning because prior knowledge makes a huge difference when the time comes to prepare for the exam.

5. Be Well-Rested and Take Breaks

5. Be Well-Rested and Take Breaks

Doing any work can be hard when you are tired, overwhelmed, or stressed out. When you are preparing for an exam, your brain needs to be able to process a lot of information efficiently, which requires focus, energy, and tranquillity. This is why sleep and rest are essential.

When you are studying for hours, it’s also important to take breaks. For every hour of studying, you can take a 10-minute break. Take a short walk, talk to someone, stretch or eat a bite. This will help you process what you’ve learned and remain focused.

6. Find the Right Place for Studying

Unless you are someone who has an unbreakable focus, finding a place that can allow you to be the most efficient is key. You need a place that’s quiet, with adequate temperature, as well as a comfortable place for sitting.

Your study place doesn’t have to be the same all the time. Even though designating a study area in your home may be helpful for some people, others may thrive in different environments. If you want, you can switch rooms and places around the house, you can study in a library, in the garden, in a park or any place where you can stay concentrated.

7. Sit Properly

If it helps you stay focused it’s fine to change positions from time to time or move around. Some people study on the floor, some may walk around the room, and some even study lying down.

Nevertheless, sitting on a comfortable chair in an upright position with the right support for your back is the best option for successful studying.


Even though there is no one-size-fits-all solution for exam preparation that will work for everyone, you can experiment with different methods to determine what works best for you.

When you are preparing for a challenging exam, whether you decide to study by yourself, with a study group, or with a professional tutor, organization and focus are the two key factors that will determine the effectiveness and the success of your preparation, as well as the final result. The only trick is to find a way to achieve these two conditions

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