What Criteria Need to Be Met To Take the CPA Exam?

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CPA Exam

Certified practical accountants (CPA Exam) start an incredible career path by completing a bachelor’s degree program. According to labor statistics, the hopeful accountants can earn upward to $68,000 each year. Their earning potential could increase according to where they choose to work and what companies are hiring. When getting started, it is vital for students to know all the requirements for taking the CPA exam.

Complete a Bachelor Degree Program

Completing a bachelor’s degree program in accounting or finance fulfills the prerequisite for the certified practice accountant examination. Typically, a bachelor’s degree program includes at least 120 credit hours. Students who have completed the degree program must be at least eighteen years of age to take the exam. Graduates who completed an educational program earlier in life might face some limitations when taking the exam in their state. When preparing for the examination, all qualifying applicants can use the Best CPA Exam Review to help them pass the examination.

Apply for the Exam

Applying for the exam requires the candidate to provide personal details about themselves and their educational achievements. The individual registers for the examination through their state’s current testing facility. Once approved for the test, the individual receives information about all fees for the test including the initial test and any costs for retakes. Registration requirements for obtaining a state license are explained on the testing facilities website. Each state has its own requirements, but most states require completion of a bachelor’s degree program.

Present College Transcripts

Presenting college transcripts to the registrar shows proof of the applicant’s educational achievements. Some states review the applicant’s grades and determine where the student placed in their school. It isn’t an exam requirement for all hopeful CPAs to have a higher-than-average grade point average, but some employers want CPAs who score high in their coursework. All college transcripts must be official and have the school’s seal on the documents. Applicants can scan the transcripts into their computer and upload the documents with their applications.

Pay All Fees for the Exam

Paying all fees for the examination secures the applicant’s place for the examination. Typically, the fees are paid online via debit or credit card. The applicant enters their details into a secured socket layer via the web form. All fees are collected immediately, and the applicant receives a confirmation and receipt in their email.

Follow Instructions from the Testing Facility

Following the instructions prevents the applicant from making any mistakes. The testing facility sends a notification that explains the date, time, and location of the examination. Any documents or items required for the test appear on the notice. Some testing facilities offer an electronic test that requires basic computer skills. Other facilities offer written tests, and the applicants bring number 2 pencils and their identification. Following the instructions ensures that the applicant takes the test in the right location and doesn’t miss the start time.

you need at least bachelor’s degree for applying for CPA exam. Some individuals continue in college until they achieve a master’s degree. When applying for the CPA examination, all students must have evidence of their academic achievements and send in official copies of their transcripts. Prospective accountants that follow the instructions for the test and prepare for it achieve great success in their career path.

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