5 Tips on How to Crack the IAS Exams Smartly

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IAS Exams

A nation as massive as India, both in geographical and population aspects, is bound to have development issues. But it is the same story for all developing nations. Despite these issues, the central, as well as the state governments, are working in unison to raise the position of India in every possible way. The teeming millions are competing daily to get their hands on the necessary facilities. One problem that the government has not been able to solve is that of unemployment.

The central and state government has several departments, and they recruit eligible Indians to fill the vacancies. The private sector companies are also churning out lakhs of jobs every year. Unfortunately, these figures are far from meeting the requirements. Every educated person desires to bag a career in the government sector. Apart from the good pay, the job offers them the security that is not available in the private sector. From the very top level of the bureaucratic office to the Group D staffs, every government employee has to prove that he/she deserves the position. Youngsters, who desire to crack any government job, will have to prepare for a written examination. After passing the written exam, they will have to appear for a personal interview session. If all goes well in this interview session, the candidate will be selected.

Indian Administrative Service: The Crowning Jewel:

The IAS officers are placed at the head of the Indian bureaucratic system. Indian Administrative Service is popularly known as the IAS, and enthusiasts will have to work very hard to crack this examination. Bhartiya Prashashanik Seva which is the IAS full form in Hindi is one of the most prestigious jobs that one can attain. The smooth operation of the framework of the government depends on the shoulders of these people. The IAS examination takes place every year, and Indian citizens that fulfill the eligibility requirements will be able to fill the form and sit for the test. The written examination comprises of preliminary and main levels. A candidate who passes both these hurdles will have to impress the selection committee in a personal interview round. After passing this, the candidate will get the appointment letter and then his/her training will start.

Guideline for cracking IAS examination:

As mentioned, IAS enthusiasts must prepare themselves mentally and physically for the arduous journey that lies ahead. There will be a time when frustration will get the better of them. But the candidates must have the conviction to bounce back and work extra hard to prepare for the upcoming examination. Apart from mental agility, they must ensure that they are physically fit to endure the stress and hectic study schedules. Students often enroll in training centers that help with the preparation. But the ultimate hard work must be done by the candidates. Here are some tips, which will make the journey, tad bit easier:

1. Plan for proper preparation:

IAS examination has a massive syllabus, and there is no scope for selective studying. It is impossible for any candidate to complete the entire curriculum without proper planning. Time management is of the essence. Calculate the time you have and divide it equally for every module. Sticking to the time chart is very important. Make sure that you have enough time to rectify your mistakes and revision.

2. Pick one subject at a time:

Trying to read up too much will only be a waste of time. Experts and IAS topper suggest that it is best to tackle one subject at a time. If you are strong in English, then leave it for last. Preparing tough topics in advance will give students an edge. It offers you ample time for revision in the future. Before the examination, you will be able to finish the entire syllabus if you stick to the one-subject-at-a-time plan. Apart from this, make it a point to read the newspaper daily. It will help you with current affairs preparation to a great extent.

3. Selection of study materials:

Ample books and study materials are available in the market. These books are rather expensive, and be very careful before you make the final purchase. Some books are better than others. For concrete exam prep, purchase the best guide books for every subject.

4. Mock tests:

Another way to test your preparation is by taking as many mock tests as possible. If you have enrolled in an IAS preparatory institute, then they will arrange these tests accordingly. Mock examination papers are also available in the market. Taking these mock tests will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, you can work on your preparation and leave no room for errors.

4. Take breaks for relaxation:

Acquiring satisfactory results come with a price. But burying your head in books all the time is not a wise decision. If you try to take in too much, then after some days, your brain will be fatigued and automatically shut down. The best way to keep your mind fresh is to take small breaks at regular intervals. Don’t give up your hobbies completely. Just put some time restraint until the examination is over. Listening to soft music will also help in relaxing your mind. It will increase the overall retention capacity of your brain.

IAS is a tough examination, and not many succeed in cracking it on the very first attempt. Appearing for the examination will give you a realistic feel. In case you don’t pass the preliminary written exam the first time, don’t lose heart. Take some days off, and start your preparation for the next IAS recruitment assessments.

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