In this article, we will discuss various myths and doubts that candidates have regarding the SSC MTS Examination. SSC MTS Examination is a bit of a competitive examination with lakhs of aspirants appearing for a slew of vacancies. Due to this immense competition, the success rate is quite slow which gives birth to many misconceptions regarding the examination in the minds of the candidates.

For the first-timers, it is very much common to come across various myths regarding SSC MTS Examination. Henceforth, we will discuss and burst out all such myths related to the SSC MTS Examination in this video.

Various Myths Regarding SSC MTS Examination

1: Only Engineering Candidates Can Score High Marks In Maths:

It is a common myth among the candidates that only engineering or candidates with Maths background can score high marks in the SSC MTS Maths Section. Though this myth is totally baseless, as the level of Maths questions asked in the SSC MTS Examination is basic and easy. Yes, it is right that people with Maths background get an edge over BA and Arts background students but everyone can score well in Maths of SSC MTS as the questions are based on Class 10th basic Maths.

2: You Need To Learn A Lot Of  Tricks And Methods To Crack Maths:

Yes, a candidate requires a high speed in the SSC MTS Section but it doesn't always require tricks and shortcut methods to solve questions. Though tricks and shortcut methods can help you solve a few questions fastly, it is your basic concepts that help to attempt tricky and complex questions in the examination hall. Henceforth, it is imperative to focus on basics more than tricks and shortcuts for SSC MTS Maths Preparation.

 3: Average Students Can't Clear SSC MTS CutOff:

One of the most common myths and fear among students is that an average student can't clear SSC MTS Cut Off. It is totally baseless, as you don't need to be extraordinary to solve basic maths, reasoning, English, and General Knowledge. Moreover, if you analyze the past year's trends, you will notice that even if you are an average in each subject, you have a high probability to clear the SSC MTS Examination. Nevertheless, you should always strive to outdo yourself.

4: Current Affairs Can Be Ignored For SSC Exams:

It is not a myth but a mistake many candidates make. In the SSC Examination, especially, SSC MTS Examination, the weightage of the current affairs in the General Awareness Section is very high. Another mistake that the candidates make is leaving the current affairs preparation for the last month and end up scoring fewer marks in the GK Section. It is advised that the candidates should prepare for the current affairs along with their other GK portion instead of leaving it for the last month.

5: English Grammar Is Necessary To Score Good Marks In English Section:

Yes, it is true if you want to score more than 90% in the SSC MTS English Section. But, if you aren't much confident in English Grammar, you can always score a decent score of 35+ by learning basic Grammar Rules and focusing more on Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Questions. In the SSC MTS Examination, hardly 3-4 Grammar Based error correction questions are asked, that too of very basic level.

6: You Need To Attempt All Questions In Maths And Reasoning:

It is not just a myth but a folly. Many candidates aim to score full marks in Maths and Reasoning section and end up scoring well below the average. It is because many times there are wrong questions in the SSC MTS Maths and Reasoning Section. If you check the previous year's SSC MTS Answer Key, you will find out many wrong questions. If you waste ample time on solving such questions, just because you want to attempt all the questions, you will end up spoiling your exam.

These were the common myths and misconceptions regarding SSC MTS Examination. Henceforth, avoid these myths and strive to focus more on your studies.

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