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Office Look

If you are searching for ways to rock your 9 to 5 look, this is the blog you should read. Pulling off a perfect office look that strikes a statement is quite tricky. Well, we are here to help you. With these simple and elegant styling tips mentioned below, you will definitely perfect your office look.

#Tip 1: Go for the Right Lip Colour

Lip color can truly make or break your look. The lipstick shade you choose makes a huge difference. To add a pop to your subtle office look, go for soft and nude tones of pink, orange, wine, or burgundy. These shades have feminine charm and are ideal for the workplace. Whereas dark or neon lip shades tend to overwhelm, therefore, should be strictly avoided to office. Also, say no to browns as these shades sport a tiring look and make you feel older.

#Tip 2: Put a Neat Hair Style

For an ultimate professional look, put on a neat hairstyle. Your hairstyle should glam up your look without compromising the official aesthetics. It should be elegant yet sober. For those with Frizzy hair, a low side ponytail, a sleek bun, or a braided section is right to jazz up your office look. Moreover, for corporate beauties with mid-length hair, loose hairstyles are deemed professionally fit.

#Tip 3: Jewel It Up

A piece of fine jewelry can add a lot of sizzling to your corporate attire. Real diamond rings, delicate stud earrings, and trendy neckpieces are great to be worn at work. But remember not to overdo your look with extra large and bold pieces. Furthermore, when it comes to office jewelry, wristwatches are something you can’t ignore. Classic, as well as functional, wristwatches, make for an ideal office accessory.

#Tip 4: Hands and Toes too Matter

The first impression is the last. And your fingers are something the people often notice at first sight. Your corporate tasks are likely to involve shaking hands, exchanging documents, taking notes, delivering presentations, and typing. While doing all these, your fingers act as attention seekers. Therefore, make sure your hands and toes fingers have clean and trimmed nails. If you like applying a nail coat, go for subtle shades. For a more dramatic appeal, don your finger with a classic yet simple gold ring.

#Tip 5: Wear Good Perfume

A good perfume influences people’s perception regarding you. Plus, it gives a much-needed boost to your mood. It makes you feel happy and confident. Therefore, don a good fragrance to your workplace. It will help you perform to the best of your abilities.

So next time you are getting ready for your office, keep these tips in mind. These handy styling tips will jazz up your workplace look and will accord you a perfect boss feel. Lastly, carry a smile- the best thing you can accompany with your formal look.

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