A welcoming email is a good way to orient our new employee. It makes them feel welcome and cherished. It actually motivates then to give their best.

The following hints by writerformypaper.com expertscan help you come up with an excellent welcome email for your new personal.

Contents of the Email:

A welcome mail ought to explain the location of the workplace, reporting date and time, where to start on arrival, what to come with on the reporting day. Provide them with leaflets that state your mission, customers, welfare advantages, and the underway projects. Bring out a good impression of what to expect. Use a welcoming tone throughout and affirm their decision of joining you upon leaving their previous company. Also, inform your current personal of the new member of their team and ask them to give them a warm welcome.

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Additional Tips:

1. Consider formatting

Considering your new employee could be nervous at this point, try to send a short warm email as lengthy blocked mails could increase their tension. Let your email have a good number of subtitles and highlighted points

Express your excitement

Let your employee feel your excitement about him or her being part of your team. You can use words like congratulation! Welcome to …

2. Address them by their names

You can use his or her first name in your entire mail. This makes them feel that they are being addressed by an individual and not an institution. This builds their confidence in you.

3. Seek to know their feedback make any inquiries

Ensure your employee is at liberty to ask questions with regards to their new position. Provide them with a variety of contacts to reach out to you or any other person within the company who can direct them around. Let them know when they can easily contact you.

4. Let your company’s custom standout

Your email should bring out your ethics and traditions.


Your new employee will highly appreciate a welcome-on-board email. It will lower their anxiety and guide them on what to expect and what is expected of them in their kick-off days, try to sound appreciative and welcoming in your email and express your company’s custom in your mail.

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