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Powerful Ways to Improve Employee Recognition

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read December 6, 2018

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is vital to the business. While business needs something form the employees, employees also are expecting from their employers. The employee recognition system is one of the methods of motivating them. If you want quality products and high production, the system will help you push your staff. Recognition can connect with customer satisfaction, higher profit, and higher output.

Employee recognition rewards the top results and exceptional products that workers generate in your business. It is a way of making them understand how you would like them to work and your expectation to their contribution to the company.

Positive approaches to their jobs and task can be the result of a good employee recognition program. The company must design a recognition program to qualify everyone within the organization to get a good result.

Recognizing employees’ effort can also be exhausting. Having to recognize and acknowledge every little thing everyone did for the company. Employees positively respond to recognition as it confirms their effort and gives value to their job.

When employees are valued, it will result to increase in productivity and satisfaction for both employer and employees.

Go through the list of powerful way that would help you improve the employee recognition program.

1. Make it personal:

It would be flattering to hear the positive recognition directly from the boss, leader or the management. Use positive words, or you can announce the achievement of such employee in a regular meeting or huddle. In this way, others may also see that their efforts can also be recognized.

2. Provide opportunities:

Some employees may don’t have the chance for promotion because of the nature of their obligation or position in the company. However, an employer can design a program that would enable them to join training that can lead them to improve their skills for job advancement.

Provide opportunities

Make everyone eligible for the program to keep every single employee in the company productive. Likewise, design multiple programs that would quality every employee in the company. Opportunities must be equal to making everyone eligible.

3. Magnify recognition:

Emphasizing that they have achieved something would mean a lot. Develop their confidence by letting everyone in the company know that someone has done a great job. It may be in a meeting or your company bulletin board or company newsletter.

4. Offer after work perks:

Employees consistently achieving may be rewarded or may be given privileges. May it be a free meal or a morning coffee or the universal gift checks.

5. Motivate with financial incentives:

Incentives may not always be a useful tool in motivating the workers, but it may provide a demonstration for a job well done.

6. Never Forget Travel Rewards and Bonuses:

This tool can be useful than financial incentives. Set a goal and provide specific trips. Free trips on holidays are highly desirable by any person. Travel Incentives may provide them with not only a relaxing vacation, but it can also be a memorable experience. Most of the time, employees don’t have the chance to travel, especially if they need more time to work for the family.

Never Forget Travel Rewards and Bonuses

Therefore, the travel incentive will not only acknowledge their hard work, but it can also be the fulfillment of a dream. It would provide performers with the feeling that the efforts to achieve the company target was worth it. The employees who are beneficiaries of this program are more likely to develop loyalty towards the company or employers.

7. Allow peer recognition:

Peer to peer recognition program will not only motivate the employees, but it will also boost the relationship between workers. It could lead to a good working environment. Allowing them to thank their co-workers for a helping hand can also be rewarding. Hence, it entails teamwork and shows a good relationship.

It is one way of making employees appreciated without having to wait on their bosses or leaders. Additionally, peer recognition has equal importance with the attention of the management, and it contributes to the right corporate culture.

8. Recognize people’s passions:

Employees don’t spend their whole life at work. They have other desire outside the office. May it be hobbies or the things they use to do after work. Recognizing this passions can be necessary to make them feel visible to you. Moreover, it can also develop a friendship or a good relationship between employer and employees.

9. Embrace Gamification:

Gamification is setting up programs or goals and giving new direction after achieving them. An employee can feel that they are excelling or stepping into higher steps by giving them another set of goals to accomplish.

This program benefited not only the employees but also the employer. Management set a goal, then the employee achieves the task and gets a reward. After which they will have another set of goals to complete, and the cycle continues.

This type of program will make them feel advanced. It provides them with the feeling of taking a step to another level. It would boost their morale. Just like in any other organization, morale or confidence can be a crucial element of any operation. With the low morale, they also have the low enthusiasm to work and be productive.

10. Use Vivipins to brand accomplishments:

Things that can be seen or wear would allow them to let people know that they have helped the company in achieving goals. It could be a badge or pin that they can wear while they are in the premise or within the company building.

Use Vivipins.com and design the pins that would show their achievements. It is one way of advertising the effort of the employees. Vivipins can create designs according to your needs. It could be with words that say “Salesman of the Year” or “Employee of the week.” The pins and badges are the modern way of employee recognition. Check out this fantastic collection of employee recognition pins.

When employees are recognized, they are more likely to stick around. So it is reasonable to spend on rewards and recognition program than to go through the stress of hiring new employees and train them. Thus, lessen the employee turnover ratio. Having motivated employees can be a significant contribution to the success of the company.

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