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Strong Reasons- Why you must Replace Wooden Shelves with Glass Shelves?

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read July 2, 2019

Do you also want to change the look of your kitchen? Well, you can do so by just replacing your kitchen shelves. Since there are many types of shelves available in the market today, many of us are unsure which is better, and why. If you want to give a modern touch to your kitchen space then just get rid of wooden shelves and replace them with glass shelves.

Here are some strong reasons- why glass shelves are better than wooden shelves.

1. Lighting effect:

Kitchen corners can be dark without adding a barrier to stop light from getting to them. The benefits of glass shelves over wooden shelves, in this case, is that glass will allow light to travel through it and will help light up the corners.

Traditional wooden shelves require an exterior track lighting or individual lighting in each cubicle, but the glass allows lighting to shine through from above and below of the shelve cubicle.

Individual spotlighting placed under the glass shelves can create an amazing under-lighting effect, especially in a darkened room at night. The reflected light coming through the glass can also give off additional under lighting.

2. Add visual contrast and complement other elements:

Glass shelves can be cut to fit in any corner, no matter the shelves are corner specific or rectangular in shape that sits in a corner, either way, they add a pleasant element. But the key point here is that not only they look wonderful but also serves a purpose.

3. Enhance the view of the item placed on it:

Due to its reflective nature, it helps to enhance the view of the item placed on it. If you are an interior lover, you would love the idea of displaying the treasure on glass shelving.

Curio cabinets available in the market today with reflective shelves with mirrored backings, enhance the view of precious items placed on them. Less handling is required for viewing delicate items from all angles. Glass shelves can also be less obtrusive than wood or other metal shelves.

4. Strong and durable:   

Here is another advantage of glass shelves which is a little more psychological. Viewers may perceive glass shelves to be as delicate as the items displayed on them. This means that visitors who handle collectibles (delicate items) may take even more precautions while moving these items in and out of the curio cabinets or display cases.

However, in reality, most of these kitchen shelves are formed from tempered glass and are generally as durable as the wood shelves they replace. But anything that will encourage proper handling of expensive antique items and collectibles can only be a good thing for nervous collectors.

All glass shelves are not the same. You need to know which type of glass the shelves are made from in order to know what you’re going to buy. When shop for glass shelves, you should be more concerned with getting shelves that would not shatter or chip easily. Obviously, most glass will break if dropped, but tempered glass is designed not to shatter into little shards. And it’s less likely to crack/chip if knocked. And If the glass is heat strengthened, then don’t worry it is about twice as strong as regular glass. Thickness is a very important element in determining shelf strength. A thick standard backsplash glass shelf can be stronger than a thinner tempered glass shelf.

Though a traditional and sustainable material, wood has many disadvantages that can be mitigated by the selection of other materials like thick and heat strengthened glass. Being a plant-based material, wood is very sensitive to environmental conditions and wood pests. Moreover processed wood has structural weaknesses and sensitivities that are not found in Glass materials.

5. Provide extra storage space:   

Glass shelves provide extra storage space while making a kitchen appears larger because you can see all the way to the wall. They may not be practical for all storage needs, but they do provide an alternative to functional bland shelving units. As compared to wooden shelves they take less area space and give a light interior touch especially when your kitchen is small in size.

6. Positive energy flow:

Practitioners of the Chinese art of feng shui deals with the chi energy and the way it flows across the home spaces. When through the natural channel this vital energy travels, It encounters an obstruction, leading to various kinds of problems. So, it is very important to check the energy flow in your house to ensure growth and prosperity. The ancient Chinese concept of Feng Shui can be effectively applied to bring back the desired energy to space while designing or remodeling a home.

This is why practitioners of the Chinese art of feng shui encourage homeowners to use more glass into their house to avoid blocking positive energy flow.

7. Versatility:         

Glass shelves are superbly versatile. Whether you are looking to use them as shelves on the wall, in kitchen/room cabinetry, or even in the washroom, they can add a new dimension to your space. Choose corner glass shelves for a unique artistic look. No matter where you decide to use glass shelves in your home you cannot go wrong.

8. Transparency:   

One of the greatest edges of using glass shelves is that they are transparent. When you decide to showcase items on your glass shelves, you won’t need to worry about the shelf distracting or overshadowing your most delicate pieces. Visitors are also allowed to see the items on your shelf from an entirely new perspective that wouldn’t normally be seen with a traditional wooden shelf. And of course, with these shelves, you can keep your home and displays open and bright.

9. Low Maintenance:

Besides being quite durable, these glass shelves will also be easy to keep clean and maintain. All you need is to just wipe away the dust and use a little bit of glass cleaner to keep them sparkly clean and shiny!

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