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Tips for Installing Window Air Conditioners

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Air Conditioners

When it comes to an AC installation, window air-conditioners are considered to be very flexible and reliable. They are very easy to install, economic, and most importantly easy to maintain.  When the heat during the summer goes down, the window air conditioners can be removed and stored away in the attic.

Efficiency Related to Energy Usage : 

Energy Usage

Every air conditioner is rated on its efficiency. An air conditioner that is rated at 10 is the best when it comes to maintaining energy efficiency. One factor that people can keep in mind during ac installations is that a conditioner can be made more efficient by offering controls in temperature, changing the speeds of the fans, and sleep settings, which help in the overall conservation of power.

Unboxing the Air Conditioner : 

During ac installations, it is better to call a friendly hand for efficient installation. This is important because air conditioners are bulky units and dropping them to the ground might cause damage to the unit or the floor. If the property contains double-hung windows, carrying out ac installations is very simple. If there are no double-hung windows, an extra bracket needs to be installed.


Distribution of The Weight : 

Some amateur people who are into ac installations simply open the windows and fix the conditioner on the window sill. This creates a lot of weight on the sill of the window and causes damage in the short or long run. During ac installations, it is best to include a strip of wood and then install the air conditioner on top of the piece of wood. The other type of supports that can be used is the L bracket.

The Levelling Technique : 

As every professional who is into ac installations knows, an air conditioner does away with the water in the atmosphere to provide a cooling effect on the environment. This causes water to condense in the unit, which in turn might cause long-run damage to the unit. If the conditioner is installed in a slanting position, water can flow into the system. Hence, it is best to ensure that the air conditioner is installed in a level position.

Overall Insulation : 

In insulated rooms, the air conditioners need to work double hard. When the conditioner is placed in an open window, care should be taken to ensure that the window is always open. The gaps between the bottom and the top of the air conditioners should be filled with foam tape. Most of the air conditioners come with their own foam. If the foam has worn out, then the user should look into replacing the worn-out as soon as possible.

Plugging in The Air Conditioners : 

Plugging in The Air Conditioners

After carrying out the ac installations, it is very important for the user to understand that the conditioners can consume a lot of energy or electricity. Care should be taken to ensure that the air conditioner should not be plugged in the same switchboard where other high-powered appliances are plugged in. This might cause overload and the entire electric unit might be damaged in the short run.

All these tips related to ac installations should be followed in order to ensure that the air conditioner is used efficiently and safely. While a window air conditioner is very economic, if it is not installed properly the entire unit might go to the electric junk room. If the air conditioner requires repair, it is best to call in a professional air conditioning mechanic. Going for DIY options when it comes to air conditioner might be a hazardous risk that one should not take.

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