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15 Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read February 8, 2019 Last Updated on: February 15th, 2019

Living Room

Whether you are new in knowing design or a design expert you will always want to stay connected with the latest advancements and trends following the design industry, especially interior design. This year we have brought you the latest design trends of living rooms to design yours with the right direction and idea. You will get an insight into the new design trends in 2019 to push up your choices and build a fully upgraded design sensitive living room. You can discover the highlights from the best living room decor trends developed with the best sustainable design practices along with savvy color schemes. Try out the new homedepot promo code to get an extra discount on your newly designed trendy living room. Your living room must stick to the fifteen discussed design ideas.

15 Interior Design Ideas for Living Room:


Climate change is very significant these days. With all eyes open to the reality it is sure that sustainability will be a key point while designing your living room. Sustainability will a correct directive to follow when designing your own living room. You need to consider where your furniture comes from, how they were manufactured and what impact they put in your surrounding.

Natural Materials:

In this era of design, the use of natural materials has grown exponentially in interior design. Living rooms look lavish when made out with more natural, eco-friendly materials as a rebuke to the speedy-furnishing trends of the early 21st Century. The use of natural materials makes us closer to the Earthy tones which impacts an overall peace of mind. Starting from woods to stones to natural fabrics like Jute, they all come under the latest design materials for living room interior decor.

Curved delineation:

Gone are the days when all the furniture and decor were just of straight forward lines. Today we can see more curviness to every edge of interiors. The living room decor idea is no different. Use of smooth curvatures and soft edges are top on the trends list nowadays. To get the full potential of the curvature you can go for curved chairs, rounded mirrors, and oval-shaped lightings. You can get extra discount on all your accessories for home décor.

High Gloss Metallics:

The use of high gloss metallics is spreading from one niche to another. As it often exclaimed that the room highlighting is the best glamour. It makes complete sense to use high shiny metallics to give the best highlight touch to your living room. You can use trendy colors like rose gold or a newer version, the bronze gold color to suit your living room decor.

Velvet Fabrication:

Velvet is the richest material ever used in the cloth industry. Velvet material is a sign of richness and sophistication. I am sure you want your living room to feel the same. We can remember the classic jewel tones when we see velvet along with a softer edge making it more desirable in the living room. You can add these on t=your sofa set which will look great and give a luxurious look.

Retro Floral Blooms:

Florals are always unexpected. They show up often in the most popular trends following the home decor as well as the fashion industry. The retro floral design added to your living room adds an instant visual interest in the space. You can add floral in wallpapers, upholstery, furnishings with a soft touch or a vase. Floral trends can be purchased at impressive rates using home depot promo code.

Geometric Plays:

Geometric patterns are on the top lists of trends throughout 2019. You can add geometrically patterned rugs, sofa poofs, bookshelves or use of geometrically shaped tiles to add an urban look. Gold accents are also very striking in geometrically patterned wallpapers which can also be tried for your living room.


2019 welcomes the new interior design trends of natural rattan for a distinct texture. Rattans cover many latest interior designing trends from geometrical patterns, sustainability and use of natural materials. Use of rattans in your living room makes it reborn.


Paintings and art stuff are always on a hike in trends. No living room is complete without a piece of art in it. It just looks faded without the art-piece. Today, art deco encompasses the trends of geometric designs and use of metallics which looks very elegant in nature. A good example will be the use of Chrome gold and glass teamed up with engraved jewel tones spearheaded with geometrical patterns. Imagine inlaid woods, plush seatings, glamourous walls along with a geometric art piece. Your living room looks ultra-elegant without a doubt.

Hygee Leanings:

It is a dream living room with the presence of hygee (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) which will keep the chills away during winters and give a sophisticated look to your Living room. The just thinking of a hygee gives a relaxed feeling. Ah! This is a must-have in your living space.

Everything of Terrazzo:

Terrazo has been a top trending trend in 2019. The qualities associated with Terrazo makes it ultra desirable. The different prints with blended colors making it a definite mark on living room design trends. You can use Terrazo for flooring which looks extremely savvy. Use home depot coupons to avail maximum discounts on upcoming new patterns of Terrazzo.

Subtle Blushed Tones:

You can go for a lighter version of every color you choose to make your living room as subtle as possible. The muted make-up tones and blush colors make you feel more refreshing. A room rolled with Subtle blushed tones will make a serious impact and is an epitome of a contemporary living room interior design. Try the best matching tones and hues to create your own trendy living room.

You can also use light Ice-cream colored tones in your living to make it soothing. Use of pastel tones will add an urban-retro style. Trends like these are the most popular in 2019 living room trends. You can skim through the various promo codes by homedepot to get the best price.

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