What do We Know About Captain America 4?

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Are you excited about Captain America: Brave New World? In this blog, I will share what we know about Captain America 4 and how it marks the debut of Anthony Mackie, who will take on the mantle after Chris Evans.

From the beginning of the Avengers phase, we have known actor Chris Evans portraying the role of Captain America! I believe it was one of the roles that created widespread popularity for Chris Evans globally. He is one of the highest paid Marvel actors currently!

He was one of the first Avengers and was considered the Leader of the Avengers even though Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, handled the finance and resource management. More on this later; in this blog, let us discuss how the new movie is moving the story forward.

What do We Know About Captain America 4?

What do we Know About Captain America 4

However, before we start comparing Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie, we should thoroughly understand the fourth Captain America movie, its release date, the plot, the cast, and more.

So, the movie’s title is Captain America: Brave New World! This title was announced on 6 June 2023 by Anthony Mackie on his Instagram. It already tells a story of how we have moved on from the struggles faced by the first Avengers.

If you go back in time, you will remember that the names of the Chris Evan’s starred Captain America movies were mostly related to the Past, whether it was The Winter Soldier or the Civil War.

Instead, this movie looks forward as it highlights that we are ready for a brave new world. This movie will also push Anthony Mackie in the limelight, a hero, so do you wonder the net worth of Anthony Mackie?

Release Date

After the nouns meant the movie, there have been a couple of days shifts of the film in the Past. However, the current date on which Captain America Four will be released is 14 February 2025.


Julius Onah is said to direct Captain America for the movie. The director is from a Nigerian American background and is also a producer and screenwriter. This talented director has directed Luce, The Cloverfield Paradox, and others.

Recently, some stills of the movie Captain America: The Brave New World, which is undergoing production, have surfaced. In the picture, you can see Mackie, the director, Onah, and the newcomer, Xosha Roquemore; thus, we know that the movie is underway!

The Cast of the Movie

The Cast of the Movie

Apart from Anthony Mackie, who played Captain America, Harrison Ford plays a significant character called General Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross. You will also see Tim Blake Nelson as the Leader in the movie.

You might have seen Carl Lumbly as Isiah Bradley and Danny Ramirez portraying Joaquin Torres from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. They will make a return in the Captain America 4 movie. Movies like the Marvels are what still pushes fans to be crazy for superheroes!

There are newcomers such as Xosha Roquemore, who plays an undisclosed role, and Shira Haas, who plays Sabra in the movie. Of course, we must see Betty Ross, who Liv Tyler reprises in the film.

How did We Say Bye to Chris Evan’s Captain America?

How did we Say Bye to Chris Evan’s Captain America

The first time that we got a hint that Anthony Mackie might be playing Captain America. Once Chris Evans retired from the role in Avengers: The Endgame. Let me give you a recap where you would remember how Bruce Banner, portrayed by Mark Ruffalo, promised the ancient one, portrayed by Tilda Swinton, to return all the infinity stones once their job was done.

They needed those stones to recover what was lost because of Thanos’s snap (Josh Brolin) and finish what Thanos started. This is where it gets tricky because once everything is done, the question is, who would time travel again to put each of the six stones in their rightful places?

This is where Chris Evans, portraying Captain America, volunteered. However, he did not return, even though there was a specific time for his return. Sam Wilson and Bruce Banner freaked out because they thought something had gone wrong.

However, it was Sebastian Stan’s character Bucky Barnes, who turned away quietly. Then, I noticed an older man sitting on a tree stump nearby! This is when Bucky knew that it was his BFF, and everything had gone according to plan.

Did We Know that Anthony Mackie’s Character Sam will Play Captain America?

Anthony Mackie’s character Sam will play Captain America

Even though Bucky has accepted everything, it takes more time for Sam to assume that he is living his best life by not returning as an avenger. We see the old man, wearing a wedding ring, at the age of approximately 50, seeming so much happier than before.

This is where we realise that Captain America never planned on coming back! After replacing all the infinity stones in the Past, he went on to live a happy family life with the love of his life, Peggy Carter. So, he stayed back in 1945 with the help of the pimp articles that he stole.

Of course, the captain did not spell any details, but the ring on his finger told Sam what he needed to know. We see a happy Peggy Carter and the captain dancing together in the final scene of Endgame. When sitting on the stump, the captain took his Captain America shield and gave it to Sam Wilson. 

Initially, Sam was confused and even looked at Bucky to understand what was going on, and this is where he realised that. Still, he already knew the mantle was being passed on to the next one who deserved to lead America as a captain and protect the country.

Plot of the Movie

We haven’t had a trailer for the Captain America 4 movie. However, the producer, Nate Moore, gives us a hint about how the movie will focus on Sam Wilson. It is about his adaptation and transformational journey to his new role as Captain America.  

We have seen him at work as Captain America in the Disney Plus series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. However, there have been some serious struggles with his identification as the first black man to play Captain America.

Even though the world is ready for a black Captain America, there is still a long way to go to evolve and address racism from its roots, especially in the entertainment industry. Apart from the struggles, Sam Wilson does not have the enhancement powers of the previous Captain America because there is no super soldier serum.

This time, Captain America is an underdog who navigates different challenges completely on his power as a human. Well with the increasing debate about Marvel vs DC, the Marvel bosses have to up their game.

The Arc of Sam Wilson

The Arc of Sam Wilson

We have seen Anthony Mackie’s character, the falcon, in Civil War. It was one of the strongest but lovable characters. We could relate to his human jokes and survival techniques. After Chris Evans retired as Captain America in 2019, we saw the new Captain America in 2021.

In the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we can see confirmation regarding Sam’s getting ready to carry on the mantle of Captain America. However, there have been concerns, both onscreen and offscreen, but all have supported his promotion.

Even Chris Evans, who is very close to both Mackie and Barnes, said that he is proud of his two friends. Even though we don’t see Steve Rogers as a superhero anymore, he might make a comeback if there are any flashback or prequel scenes.

According to Kevin Feige, Marvel boss, the movie Captain America’s New World Order is part of Marvel’s Phase 5 cinematic universe. We also watch The Thunderbolts, highlighting the role starring Harrison Ford, another superhero movie just after a few months of Captain America 4. 

Finishing Off…

In short, the Captain America movie will be a revolution as it will inspire people to believe in Captain America once more. I think Mackie is a good flag bearer, especially regarding the popularity that Chris Evans brought to the role.

He also might be one of the faces that the audience can relate to from the beginning of the Avengers revolution. In recent times, the movie has been a sign of growth, development, and success. After reading the blog, let me know if you are excited about the Captain America 4 movie.

Comment below if You Are looking forward to Anthony Mackie playing the role of Captain America and why.

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