Have you ever been a victim of an attack or a robbery? Or Have you seen such an event with your own eyes? Maybe it was the reason why you thought about whether or not to enroll in a martial arts or self-defence course. If so, the following information should be of interest to you. Let's start with whether or not you need self-defence at all? You never know what can happen when you are commuting to work early in the morning, or when you are walking through an empty street late in the evening, or even when you use the public transport. Each of us knows that it’s better to sit at home when it’s dark, but everyone may experience a situation when they really have to go somewhere despite the circumstances. There are times when we can't influence it, for example when we work late.

At the beginning it is worth mentioning that women have a different muscle structure than men and they have much less physical strength, so very often they are losing to the aggressor right from the start. This isn't tantamount to the fact that women do not have and will have no chance of defense and escape. Contrariwise, trained women have the same chances in a fight that men do.

There’s a saying „better safe than sorry”. When you ride a motorcycle you wear the best motorcycle helmet you can find that will protect the most valuable thing you have – your brain. When you drive a car, you don’t overtake when there’s fog and you can’t see anything. Yes, maybe there won’t be a car coming towards you so why not overtake? And yes, maybe you won’t have an accident so why waste money on a motorcycle helmet? But that’s what safety is all about, mitigating the risks

Coming back to the problems mentioned above, in addition to less physical strength, the attacked woman is very often terrified and her body is paralysed.  None of us expects an attack and we don’t have enough time to react. The attacker usually plans his attack at least for a longer time observing the victim.  A woman, despite her delicate shape and low strength, always has a chance to defend herself against an attacker's attack. But when she loses hope, she surrenders and becomes an easy victim for the aggressor.

The most important thing is to control your fear at all costs. Loud screamscanin many cases scare off the attacker who is afraid of the reaction of people who see the situation. Therefore, whether it is the centre of the city or the side streets - a lot of facts indicate that a person who shouts loudly, for example, "Help!” very often avoids the attack. However if the screamswon’t help and nobody reacts, you should proceed to more decisive steps. it is worth knowing that it is not strength, but the knowledge that decides the outcome. As we know, there are many places on the human body that are particularly susceptible to pain. Thanks to the pressure of the inner part of the thigh or elbow, the opponent can be effectively weakened without the use of excessive force. Such places and techniques of attack can be found in the self-defence courses, which are easily available. Let's also remember that you can use practically all items from the immediate surroundings: sticks, stones, and other items for defense. You should not forget about the contents of the women's handbag. Both the phone, home keys or a pen can be used as an effective object for defense. We should also remember that the use of force in case of an assault does not put us in the position of an attacker. Very often just throwing an object towards an opponent slows it down for a moment and gives time to escape.

In a woman's handbag, you can also find various defence accessories, such as pepper gas or a stun gun. Of course, these types of tools are very effective, especially the latter, but only if you really know how a stun gun works. A very common mistake in using pepper gas is spraying the attacker's eyes. Yes, it is effective, but aiming at the attacker around the neck or lips gives a better effect. In this case, the gas irritates both the eyes and the nose, as well as the entire respiratory system. But remember - NEVER use the pepper gas in the wind! The sprayed gas may fly in your direction and blind you.

In recent years, street crime, robbery, and theft have become more and more common. No wonder that training centres for both women and men are becoming more and more popular. In addition to self-defence skills, those attending such courses also acquire appropriate knowledge, which improves their awareness of the dangers.

Every woman has enough courage and strength to defend herself. During self-defence classes, you will learn all tactical as well as manual aspects of opponent's defense. But by teaching women how to deal with difficult situations, self-defence instructors certainly do not want their students to ever have to use the skills they have acquired. Nobody can also guarantee that in an emergency situation every person after the course will be able to defend himself and use all the knowledge that he now possesses. Nevertheless, it is worth considering whether it's better to invest some time and money in a self-defence course than to regret it afterward when an unfortunate event occurs. A sense of security is one of the most important values necessary in everyday life.  Unfortunately, our safety seems to be decreasing from year to year, which means that women who want to feel more confident are looking for activities that will enable them to do so. This is exactly what self-defence is for women.

The last aspect I wanted to raise was the frequent questions and fears of coming to the self-defence course for women. People often ask questions: am I no longer too old for the course? What if I’m not in a good shape, can I manage it? The threat of various assaults or attacks concerns young as well as older people because they are an easy target because of lack of fitness, so if we want to feel safer, age does not play a role here.  The self-defence course for women should be constructed in such a way that you can get as much as possible out of it at any age. Nobody was born in great shape, you just have to work on it and start with something. the self-defence course is a good start to take care of your safety as well as your body. It may also turn out to be a place where a woman can improve her assertiveness and self-confidence, which will have a positive impact on other aspects of her life. Maybe also after such a course, you would like to take regular classes in another form of physical activity.

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