5 Upcoming Dating Trends to Know for 2019

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Dating Trends

The world of dating is constantly evolving and changing to reflect the times. If you’re ever in doubt, consider the fact that less than 100 years ago, dates were expected to be chaperoned by a pastor or married adult.

2019 will bring forth more change that reflects societal expectations and dating burnout. Here are five upcoming dating trends to know if you’re trying to find love in the new year.

Outside Dates are the New Coffee

As 2018 comes to a close, there’s a significant shift in what people are doing for their first dates. Rather than the age-old dating staple of meeting for coffee or a drink, more first-timers are seeking a grand adventure with their potential mate. Whether it’s a casual walk in the woods or a hike through a challenging trail, the key is to get outside more.

The first rumblings of prioritizing outside dates came in 2016 when Pokemon Go had millions of users walking around everywhere. There are numerous stories of weight loss and romantic encounters evolving from this game. While Pokemon Go isn’t the hot ticket it once was, it seems that the desire to get out and get moving has grown as a result.

Less Casual, More Serious

Tinder created a culture of swiping left or right based on appearances, with the intention of becoming a platform for hookups rather than serious relationships. Over time, this evolved into a mixed bag of those looking for a casual fling and others who, after starting with those intentions, ended up in a serious relationship.

It seems that the novelty of swiping right has started to fizzle. More people are using online dating to (intentionally) meet long-term partners. So how can modern singles keep ahead of the trend and find what they’re looking for? Being honest and making intentions clear both in conversations and on a dating profile is key for finding success while dating.

Humanity is Back

We see it every day on social media: people who say hurtful things from behind a keyboard, disconnected from the human on the other side. The same thing frequently occurs during online dating experiences. Hurtful words are spoken, people are catfished and ghosted, and not treated with the basic human respect they deserve.

In 2019, people are tired and burnt out from the constant influx of hatred and disrespect. Kindness and human decency are at the top of the priority list, both among those who match up and those who aren’t compatible. Being polite is viewed as an essential part of interactions and wishing one another well is filling the void that ghosting left behind.

The Grande Effect

Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” was an instant smash hit with a powerful message of self-love, a catchy beat, and a nostalgic video that paid tribute to the best chick flicks of the early 2000s. As such, it’s no surprise that women everywhere are channeling their inner Grande and saying “Thank U, Next” to potential partners that waste their time.

“Grande-ing” is a term you can expect to hear in the online dating sphere in 2019. This will show an increase in mindfulness and self-awareness in the dating world, with people choosing to take the high road and view a failed relationship as a lesson in growth.


It can’t all be sunshine and rainbows in dating. The sudden shift toward more serious relationships and less casual hookups mean that a lot of people will fall in love quickly, make decisions based on that emotion, then realize that they’ve made a mistake. 2019 will be a year that brings daters a few false starts.

If you plan on dating in 2019, remember to take a moment before making decisions and think out the pros and cons. Treat yourself and others with respect and remember that everything you experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.

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