The psychological trauma of domestic violence

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domestic violence

Many people find comfort and safety when they reach their household after the end of a tiring day. It is the place where you can feel warmth and support from those who you love. A place, where you can escape from the reality and the everyday hustle. However, this can’t be applied to victims of domestic violence, who bear a devastating psychological trauma.

Generally speaking, the domestic violence is considered as an intentional physical, sexual or psychological assault by one member of the family against another. Other forms of domestic abuse include threats, humiliation and even stalking.

According to recent reports revealed by the U.S Department of Justice, more than 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are victims of intimate partner violence (IPV).

Moreover, the report states that 85% of all domestic violence victims are women. This means that every four American women will be a victim of domestic violence at least once in their lifetime. In fact, one-third of all female homicide victims were killed by their partner.

Emotional & Psychological Wounds

Bruises or broken parts of the human body are all signs of domestic abuse. However, the greater wound occurs psychologically and it requires a timely intervention.

The psychological trauma is the response of the human’s body to a certain event. It affects the way our brains respond, disallowing us from functioning properly.

The impact of these events depends heavily on the individual’s emotional condition, but most people experience increased levels of stress. Luckily, one can overcome the trauma by receiving appropriate support from professionals, family, and friends.

The greatest problem with domestic violence is the fear of the victim that his abusive partner might seek retaliation. One can feel shame or embarrassment and avoid the required assistance. The lack of support might lead to depression, anger, use of drugs, alcohol and even suicidal attempt.

Can a victim drop domestic violence charges?

Let’s say that you’re in a domestic violence situation, whereas your spouse has injured you and the police have been contacted. Upon their arrival, they’ll issue a charge against the abuser.

Many people feel the need for protecting their spouse and they often wonder whether they, as a victim, can have their domestic violence charges dropped.

Once the police have issued a domestic violence case, the victim can’t drop the charges. You might be asking why? Because the victim isn’t the one who issues charges against crimes, but the State. Crimes are under the jurisdiction of the State and they initiate the case.

The victim’s role

When the case moves forward, the victim will be required to testify in court against their spouse. In some states, the individual can refuse to testify but he might be fined or charged with a crime.

If the judge isn’t sure whether to release your abuser or not, you might be brought in to give your point of view. Moreover, you’re in your full rights to go for a civil suit. This would allow you to sue your abuser for financial incentives due to physical or psychological trauma.

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