4 Ways Comfort Makes Life Better

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Life Better

Comfort isn’t necessarily an end unto itself. In other words, it’s not the point just to be comfortable at any given time. Being comfortable actually makes life better in the number of different ways. You might have to use a little bit of abstract thinking to get to the core of that idea, but once you do, it may change some of your behaviors.

Think about where comfort makes a difference. With ergonomic accessories, you can increase productivity. If you are comfortable, you are under less mental stress. Being relaxed means that you have better attitudes towards others. And, when you share your comfort, that’s a bonding experience with other people as well.

Increased Productivity from Ergonomics:

When you buy ergonomic accessories, you are choosing to actively be more comfortable with specific behaviors. Particularly if you’re in office professional, purchasing an ergonomic chair for ergonomic mice and keyboards can make a huge difference in the comfort factor of your day. From that comfort, suddenly you will have increased productivity. You won’t have to deal with back pain, shoulder pain, or wrist pain when doing your daily activities. Even if you don’t work more, the work you do participate in will have a higher quality.

Less Mental Stress:

Then there’s the matter of mental stress. If you are in discomfort, your brain and body are going to be in a vigilant state. And in the end, that pressure is bad for you. Too much fight or flight causes all sorts of adverse reactions if your body can’t ever get rid of those feelings. By putting yourself in a comfortable environment, you’re allowing that mental stress to bleed away, leaving in its wake an opportunity for you to live at a higher quality of consciousness.

Better Attitudes Toward Others: 

Every individual only has so much self-control. The more stress that you’re under, and the more uncomfortable you are, the quicker that self-control goes away. And when that self-control reaches zero, suddenly you will begin acting toward other people in a very negative manner. If you want to avoid this, and achieve habits that involve better attitudes towards others, figure out what you can do to ensure your comfort throughout the day.

Sharing Your Comfort Is a Bonding Experience:

A final note about comfort is that if you create a relaxed environment for yourself, you have the option to share it with other people. This gives you a social bonding opportunity, and in fact is one of those situations where not only do you and your friends appreciate this comfort, but the end result creates more positivity than the individual parts would suggest independently. This sort of synchronous behavior is a cornerstone of psychological bonding.

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