4 Tips for Stopping an Anxiety Attack

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Anxiety Attack

If you’re someone that suffers from stress and high nerves, chances are you may have experienced an anxiety attack at one point or another.  Although some people are aware of what’s happening in their body when they occur, others are left panicking feeling like they’re on the verge of death. The good thing is that you can always stop anxiety attack.

An anxiety attack occurs when your body goes into panic mode.  Vision becomes blurry, your breaths become irregular, and your blood pressure skyrockets.  Although doctors can prescribe medication to alleviate the stress, medication can have significant side effects and aren’t recommended as long-term treatment. It is better to use natural solutions in avoiding the occurrence of anxiety attack.

Ideally, you should be able to stop these negative thought patterns as soon as they begin so that you have the tools within yourself regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. Here are some of the most effective tips to look at for stopping an anxiety attack before it even starts.

Engage in an Activity :

In order to distract your mind, you should engage in an activity which will draw away the attention from whatever you’re worried about to focus on the task at hand.  It’s beneficial to take on an activity which requires focus and dedication.  The act of having a project or work to do towards an end goal is a great way to keep your thoughts busy.

Activities can be anything from doing screen printing to playing chess.  Choose something which you’re genuinely interested in which will keep your focus rather than letting your thoughts wander away to negative patterns. Engaging in some of these activities will not cost you even a single cent.

Deep Breaths :

Never underestimate the power of breathing exercises for anxiety. When you slow your breath down and take deep intentional inhales and exhales, it takes your mind off of your worries and focuses them on keeping a steady breath.

When your breath is slowed down, your blood pressure will follow suit.  When your heart rate and blood pressure slow down, you’re less likely to enter a panic attack. You will be able to relieve a lot of anxiety by simply taking a deep breath.

 Call a Friend :

When you start to panic and feel like everything is falling apart, often for no reason at all, a friend can come in handy. Calling a friend when you’re panicking can provide a calm voice to talk you down from an unsettled state of mind.

If you feel comfortable, tell your friends that you suffer from anxiety, and ask if they’d be willing to be on call for you if you ever need someone to talk to during an attack.

Watch a Funny Video :

Laughter has the ability to pull us out of a stressed-out state and into a positive frame of mind.  Next time you’re feeling negative and dark, turn to a funny video which makes you laugh.

Laughing and smiling will immediately transform your mood and make you feel happy.

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