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Saas- The Next Big Thing in Customer Service

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read May 3, 2019

Customer Service

The digital has opened up newer avenues for brands to reach out to their consumer base. This is not only a mechanism to maintain relationships with existing customers but also reach out to newer ones.

With more and brands investing heavily in ‘Saas- Service as a Software’, we see a definitive growth in such companies coming up.

Saas can be understood as customer service software. It helps integrate-

  • CRM- Client Relationship Manager
  • Social Media Management Tools
  • Help Desk/Call Centre Platforms

This gives brands access to an ever-expanding universe of data that helps them predict, project and forecast for the future.

What does Customer Success Software do?

Customer success software is used by brands to analyze the behavior of consumers. This helps them predict how consumers are going to react to existing products or future launches of the brand.

A good customer success software is one that is comprehensive and holistic in nature. Brands and MNCs should only go for software that-

  1. Creates and Builds the identity of consumer profiles.
  2. Captures data at every level of the customer’s journey.
  3. Engages with consumers at every stage of the purchase cycle- pre, during, post.
  4. Gives constructive feedback to the brands.
  5. Projects the future of product launches for the brands.
  6. Points out any problems that have arisen or will rise in the future.

Some of the customer service software in the market is not complete or comprehensive in terms of their offerings. As a brand, you should try to stay away from them.

Why is Customer Success Software Important?

There is a debate amongst industry experts on who should brands. While some prefer using the software to reach out to new consumers, others want to use it to maintain good relationships with existing ones.

In my opinion, how or why you are using customer success software depends on which stage is your brand. If your brand is in its infancy, it is a good idea to utilize the potential of the software to reach out to new target audiences.

If your brand is already in the industry for a long period, then you might have a different vantage point. If you have a huge customer base, you can use it to maintain and build meaningful relations with existing customers.

Some of the experts that I have spoken to believe that the real power of customer success software is in retention.

Some of the best names in the industry believe that the biggest companies (I am talking Fortune 500 types) use SaaS-based software to retain their existing clients. Most of these brands are conglomerates. In other words, they produce everything from food items to apparels.

They do not want their audience base to leave them for any other brand. This is where customer success software can be optimally utilized by brands.

Get Ahead of your Competition using Customer Success Software-

Using big data to manage customer retention is still in its infancy. To ride this wave and be ahead of your competitors is necessary. Giving your brand the first mover’s advantage is essential if you are planning to scale up your operations.

There is a notion that customer success software is expensive. This is not entirely true. Many companies and SaaS providers offer affordable and flexible solutions. Taking help from such software is no longer the monopoly of billion dollar companies.

Customer Success Software: The Final Word

Customer success is the foundation of any business- big or small. Paying attention to the smallest details help take decisions that have million dollar impacts. Harnessing the power of data in this regard becomes crucial towards guaranteeing success.

Once you have won over your customers, the key is to retain them and manage relationships. You have no idea how much a casual feedback form is valued by brands. For them, it is as important as actual sales.

If you are a forward-looking brand, aiming to scale up your operations going forward, you should think about investing in the customer service software.

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