You do not have to fit specific criteria to buy a vehicle from us

To own a car you do not have to be fit, you do not have to be able to afford it to do so either. The Motability Scheme is exactly what supports people who are not able enough to get a vehicle and run it. This scheme targets disabled people to help them in any way to be able to move around on roads.

The people who qualify for the scheme are leased new cars, scooter or powered wheelchairs. Over here we are going to talk about the car company Ford which has a long list of cars which they offer for the Mobility Scheme disables. You do not have to be able to drive a car to get one.

Instead, there can be two drivers whom you nominate to drive instead you do. Such people may be or may not be able to work so all the expenses needed to lease a car and afterward are the responsibility of the government. There are companies out there which do this work and Ford is one of them.

It is a company established in 1903 and since then the market has seen some very capable sedans and other type vehicles from them. There are 264 Fords which are present in the line-up for the Motability customers. With these mobility choices, there are experts who are there to help in many ways to get a car which you really need.

From small to large, every type is available

Ford understands the needs of people of different ages and wants to provide them with what they are looking for. Owning what you want is not at all difficult when you are at a Ford dealer.

From small to a large, sedan to a sports car and an MPV there is nothing you cannot get from Ford. It is up to the buyer that he needs a practical car or an exciting adventurous one. You just have to check the car search tool and get to know the exact ones there for the scheme.

From Fiesta and KA+ and the larger ones like Focus and C-Max, you can get any type. There are small hatchbacks, estates, and MPVs available. We know that everyone wants to be able to move independently and keeping that in view we are here to facilitate such buyers in any way we can.

Are there any changes that can be made?

Yes for sure as such a person has special needs to move to the vehicle can be accommodated with things essential needed. In fact, the specialists at Ford Engines also suggest such changes so that a vehicle can be made feasible for a person.

The dealer makes sure to get the installations done and deliver it in the way ordered. Especially the wheelchair accessibility which is often needed is done in the larger cars. These experts also make it easy for a customer to choose which model or trim will be the best for the reported need.

A test drive will be the best way to find out about the compatibility of a car and if it suits you need then the other stage comes where the changes take place. The Mobility car will be leased for three years’ time period and the changes are made according to Ford standard.

There will be no complaints about the quality of the work or the vehicle chosen. Ford makes sure you are on move again and love the experience.

Changes made and the way they are helpful

Every disability is different, there may be common ones but mostly there are some variations in each. So the car to be leased have to go through the process of adaptability and the dealer makes sure it happens in the best way.

If you are able to drive and have problems in the leg area, then the hands get to have the controls which the legs do. If the problem is in the hands then the legs get to do the work. In the same way, if the right hand is not able to function correctly then the left hand is there to do the work and same is for the legs.

The wheelchair comes in and goes out is made easier with extra installations. So everything has a solution in Ford. But the buyer should understand that every alteration cannot be done to every car. That is why the specialist is there to guide you. You should first tell them what your need is and then ask them for options.

To whom Ford provides the Mobility service

There has to be a rule for everything and the same is for the lease of Mobility cars. There is a standard set by the government to be eligible to get the vehicle and the same Ford follows. People who are able to conform to that criteria are fit for Ford Mobility. People who come under the following list can be allowed to avail the service.

  • Higher Rate Mobility Component (HRMC)
  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)
  • War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS)
  • Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (ERMC or PIP)

It is apparent that all is done for a noble cause and the car maker is certainly doing great work.

Reasons to choose Ford

There are other companies out there and they certainly have their reasons to get chosen. For Ford customers are a priority and the company wants to give them the best they could. The affordability is kept at high preference in any situation. You get a new Ford for every three years of the lease.

The insurance is covered, road tax is included, servicing and maintenance covered, breakdown covered, tire and windscreen replacement and 60,000 mileage allowed over three years. Many adaptations which are installed require no extra money, annual road fund License and up to two nominated drivers.

These are the services a person gets when he/she decides to do it with this company. These are very attractive offers and make the lease within reach.

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