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5 Safety Tips for Work: You’ll be Glad You Read This Advice

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read May 25, 2018

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True is the old saying, “You can’t be too careful.” But you can be not careful enough, resulting in serious injury or death. If you take workplace safety seriously, heed the following safety advice.

We’ve studied the most deadly and most common safety violations to determine exactly where workplace safety needs the most improvement. Then we came up with the 5 most important safety tips for work. Read, follow and share these safety tips to reduce incidents and save lives at your workplace.

The Fatal Four :

To help you understand the importance of these tips, here are some of the safety/accident data we studied to come up with this list.

The four biggest causes of workplace fatalities are falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and being crushed. All of these could be prevented by increased training, proper safety gear, proper rest and adequate supervision.

1. Train Up :

If it’s been a while since your safety training, review the safety standards and practices for your work. If you are a manager supervisor, have your employees review safety procedures ever 3-6 months as you deem necessary.

You may find some safety procedures that are often ignored. Then you can correct your own behavior and bring these safety violations to the attention of your supervisor.

2. Gear Up :

Many of the “Fatal Four” work accidents will be prevented with proper safety gear. Always wear at least the required safety gear for your job. These will be supplied by your employer and you can purchase extra sets of safety gear yourself. Then, go above and beyond with optional safety gear.

Slip-resistant shoes, facemasks, and protective eyewear can be purchased at almost any department store. Fire resistant clothing can be purchased at froutlet.com. Consider what non-required safety gear may protect you at your job.

3. Rest Up :

The 3rd deadliest job category in America is aircraft pilot/flight engineer. And the most common cause of injury and death in this industry is overexertion.

Workers that are on call or have erratic work schedules have a hard time balancing work, personal life and sleep. And not sleeping enough reduces your awareness and reaction time. No matter what your job, overexertion greatly increases the odds of a workplace accident.

If your career makes it hard to get the sleep you need, communicate this to your boss. See if you can work out a more stable schedule and/or take more days off for rest. Also, talk to your doctor about sleep aids or other treatment.

DON’T try to just “suck it up” and work through it. It’s not worth the risk.

4. Step Up Supervision and Security :

There should be enough eyes on high-risk work areas to be able to see any accidents before they happen. If you see a lack of supervision putting others at risk, bring it to the attention of the appropriate manager or supervisor.

This applies to outside threats as well as accident prevention. There should be enough surveillance, metal detectors, and security guards to handle crime attempts and keep out unauthorized individuals.

5. Speak Up :

Workplace safety is not an option, it’s the law. America has a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe working conditions and so should you.

Take charge of making sure your team is safety-conscious. Ensure safety procedures are posted in the breakroom and at relevant work areas. Be aware of safety procedures, make those in violation aware, and report repeated violations to management.

Don’t be concerned about what your coworkers will think of you being the “safety nut.” Being popular at work is a lot less important than being alive and uninjured.

Plus, companies caught being unsafe get shut down, so your company is on your side if you have valid safety concerns. On the off-chance, your boss won’t take safety violations seriously, bring them to his boss. If that doesn’t work, contact OSHA.

You have nothing to fear for raising safety awareness at work, and much to fear if you don’t.

Share These Safety Tips For Work :

Even if you follow these safety tips for work, every coworker who doesn’t put their safety and yours at risk. The more people who follow these tips, the more lives will be saved.

Don’t keep this life-saving safety advice to yourself: spread the word. You’ll be glad you did.

For more about workplace safety, see 5 Points That Matter in Workplace Safety Audit and Reasons for opting for a Safety Consultant.

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