How Does a Picking and Packing Service Work

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Packing Service

If you have a business where you have to send items to clients regularly, you could very well benefit from a pick and pack service. Pick and pack and fulfillment services have become more in-demand in recent years since these kinds of services are experts at warehousing as well as shipping and can make sure that your products are stored and sent off in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Picking and packing are best relegated to the experts, and if you are having increasing difficulty managing your own pick and pack operations, then a pick and pack service could be just what you need. But how exactly does a pick and pack service work? Here, your top questions are answered by the experts.

What is picking and packing?

The process of picking and packing involves the receipt of shipments, for example, but it may also include the disassembling of shipments as well as their reassembly. Fulfillment and picking and packing services are responsible for implementing a thorough and comprehensive as well as efficient pick and pack service which goes according to your individual needs and requirements as a company.

The step-by-step process:

  • The recipient of the product. This is when you, as a client, send your products to the warehousing facility. The facility will then make the decision where to keep your products, and this can involve a large order or inventory which takes up a lot of space or a small order or inventory which only takes up a little shelving space. The company running the facility will need to have a good system in place so they can track item locations, and they should also be able to deal with expansion from you as your business grows.


  • The storage of the product. The pick and pack service should have a good facility where the products can be stored, depending on what the product needs. For example, do you need a temperature-controlled facility, or do you have products which have other specific requirements? The pick and pack service should be able to fulfill your requirements for storage. The pick and pack service should also have the means to break down pallets or boxes for storage as well as a distribution when it comes to shipments to specific customers. They should have a good system for the management of products such as bar coding for better inventory control and accuracy.


  • The picking service. The actual picking service is when the company pulls items from their locations so they can be included in a customer’s order. A good picking and packing service will have a precise system for this as well so they can pull several orders at a single time. Electronic tickets and bar codes are especially useful as they make the process more streamlined and efficient.


  • The packing service. The packing service is when the products are placed together and packed in pallets or boxes according to your instructions.


  • The distribution. The pick and pack service should also have an efficient distribution process in place to ensure that your product reaches your clients. You will be charged for the shipping costs, but this can also be less expensive since the service will often have a network of contacts across different areas and shipping sectors. But when choosing a service, it would be good to choose one with a relevant location which will let you ship a maximum number of products to numerous customers for a minimal cost.


  • The confirmation of distribution. The pick and pack service should then provide you with the proper confirmation of delivery to the customer, but apart from this, they should also provide you with the adequate verification of inventory, the management of their facility, and how they can handle and deliver your goods in a timely and accurate manner.

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