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AI And The Role Of The Project Manager

author-img By Arnab Dey 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Ai Project Manager

AI is something that we are all aware of in our personal and professional lives and has been much discussed in the project profession. There are some interesting statistics out there that offer predictions for AI use specifically in project management.

Gartner, for example, predicts that by the end of this decade, 80% of the project management workload is likely to be automated, especially when it comes to tracking and reporting.

A figure like this may well strike fear into the hearts of those who are currently working in project management or are indeed thinking about making a career move. But, whilst Gartner is a reputable source within the industry, their figures are a little misleading.

The 80% that they refer to doesn’t involve all tasks related to project management but rather the repetitive tasks that can be automated or for which algorithms can be designed to make simple decisions.

Instead, these predicted changes to the way we manage projects should be exciting us all, particularly since change is at the heart of most projects and why would we not want a tool to take over the repetitive tasks?

Why Should AI In Project Management Excite Us?

AI In Project Management

There are plenty of repetitive tasks that need doing when managing projects and it is these that Gartner believes will be given over to AI systems. Far from taking work away from the project manager, this will actually help to make the job more streamlined and in turn, allow the project manager to give more of their time to the complexities of a project and in doing so raise their professional profile.

So project managers don’t need to worry about the future of their role, neither there is any tension regarding the project manager’s salary. In fact, the monotonous tasks could be offloaded to AI leaving more time for the interesting, complex, and analytical tasks that make project management so challenging and interesting.

Current AI Capabilities

As it currently stands, AI is still rather a limited resource in the project profession, with only 2 real ways that it can be integrated into project management tools. They do fall short of what many consider true “artificial intelligence”.

Chatbots and smart bots, perhaps the most common form of AI tools, do have the ability to interact with people far better than they used to for simple tasks, updates, and queries. And smart bots in particular can be set up to help with repetitive tasks.

AI-driven estimation tools have also been around for a while and, with accurate input from previous projects, these algorithms can make useful predictions for less complex tasks.

We are a long way off from AI even remotely replacing humans in the project profession but with continued improvements, we can certainly expect to see a variety of AI tools becoming available that will only serve to improve the way in which project managers are able to manage their projects. 

Working together, AI and humans will certainly be able to streamline many of the tasks that fall into the field of project management. The day-to-day tasks that occur with any project will be able to be completed in a timelier fashion without the need to worry about missing details. With AI in the picture, the future of project management looks great.

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Project Manager?

Ai Project Manager

AI would change the discipline of project management as well as the role of project managers in the future very soon. By 2030, it’s expected that AI would eliminate 80% of today’s project management discipline. In this way, all the traditional project management functions like tracking, reporting, and data collection. 

The key benefit of using AI in project management and resource is improved estimations. Time estimation while completing a task, project milestones, budget estimation, resource estimation, and other expenses will be taken over by AI. 

So, yes, AI can replace the project activities which are the responsibilities of the Project Manager in the near future. On one hand, this will certainly improve the overall productivity while increasing the number of job cuts on the other.

How Can AI Software Change The Future Of Project Management?

Artificial Intelligence facilitates automating complex tasks into simple ones and creating reports considering the summative project performance. With a substantial understanding of the project, AI would perform more complex tasks and make decisions to deliver better results. 

A plethora of project manager jobs are there across the world. So if you are an aspirant, start applying today by analyzing the crucial project manager job description.

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The Final Words

AI will streamline and automate a number of repetitive tasks thereby allowing both the team members and project managers to concentrate on more complex activities. Furthermore, it aims in eradicating minor errors, improving the quality of work, and lowering the cost of labor. 

I hope you now have got an idea of the impact of Artificial Intelligence on project management. If you are interested in joining the profession, start building a project manager resume from today. 

In case you have any questions, simply leave them in the comment area below. 

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