If you're a farmer or landowner who needs a new barn, you may be thinking of going the traditional route and putting up a wooden design. After all, the iconic American wooden barn is disappearing, so why not try to keep it alive with new wooden construction?

Only that familiar wooden barn comes with a lot of problems. Believe it or not, a steel pole barn triumphs over a wooden barn in many ways.

Before you cringe at the thought of choosing a steel barn over a wooden design, let's look at the numerous ways a steel pole barn is better than a wood building.

Steel Barns Are More Weather Resistant:

It's hard to beat the charm of a wooden barn; it has that freshly cut natural smell and just looks warm. But that wood cannot stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it like a steel barn can.

Wood is at the mercy of any moisture whether it's rain or snow. It can rot, stretch, warp, and bow. This isn't an issue with steel, which is pretty much weatherproof against rain, snow, ice, wind, dust, and other elements.

Steel barns also tend to withstand high winds and heavy storms better than wooden barns can. So if you live in a hurricane zone you may want to strongly consider a steel barn over a wooden one.

Many steel building companies can reinforce a steel barn with metal bracing to help it withstand wind and stormy weather.

You can waterproof wood but it will cost you additional money, labor, and on-going maintenance over time. Most wooden barns need on-going weatherproofing maintenance annually. A steel pole barn is pretty much a worry-free investment.

Steel Barns Have a Stronger Foundation:

Steel barns stand more solidly thanks to a concrete foundation that keeps them anchored firmly to the ground. This also prevents them from swaying and shifting over time.

Wooden barns are built into the ground, where their foundations are at the mercy of moisture. This means they can rot over time, even if they're weather treated. f the ground shifts, so too will the wooden barn.

Steel Barns Are Fire Resistant and Stronger:

Probably the most compelling reason to choose a steel pole barn over a wooden one is that they're pretty much fireproof. This is especially important if your barn is going to house livestock or precious possessions such as antique cars or farm equipment.

Plus, steel barns can better withstand damage. A vehicle or other object can plow into a wooden barn and break it, but it's tougher to inflict the same level of damage to a steel barn. At the most, it may get dented.

Steel barns are also completely resistant to insect damage. Termites and other bugs can't borrow into steel.

So if insects are a concern, you may want to opt for the steel structure over the wooden one.

Steel Barns Are Just as Pretty As Wooden Ones:

This benefit may be hard for some people to believe. Many people think of steel as being cold and hard.

But the truth is today's steel barns and other structures have come a long way and are just as beautiful as they are functional.

Steel barns and other buildings come in a variety of colors and styles to suit all personal tastes. You can customize it to match your home and you have the option of adding windows. Today's steel barn designs are just as pretty as wooden barns.

Steel Barns Can Be Easily Insulated:

Many wooden barns are not insulated. They rely on their red paint to help absorb more sunlight and heat to stay warmer longer.

Steel barns can be easily insulated, usually with spray foam. This can help the building retain heat and stay at a comfortable temperature, but it also protects valuables on the inside from hot and cold weather extremes.

Insulation helps reduce condensation which can prevent rust, mold, and mildew from developing. It will also help soundproof the structure from outside noises, and prevent noises from escaping the inside.

This may be important if you plan on using your barn for construction or other work that requires the operation of loud machinery.

The one downside of having insulation installed in your steel barn is it can cost you thousands of dollars, depending upon the size of your structure.

Steel Barns Are Easier to Clean:

Because they're made of steel and waterproof, all that's needed to clean a steel pole barn is a pressure washer. Water will wash away dirt, dust, and other debris in a matter of minutes.

This isn't an option with wooden barns, as water can damage a wooden structure.

Steel barns tend to look clean for long periods of time and in general, newer and cleaner than an old wooden barn that has seen better days.

Steel Pole Barns Are More Affordable and Just a Better Choice:

All things considered, a steel barn will cost you less money over the long haul compared to a wooden barn. They are cheaper to buy and install and require very little maintenance.

Still, need convincing that steel barns are a better choice? View here for additional reasons to opt for a steel barn over a wooden one.

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