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The Best 6 PDF Managers for You

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

PDF Managers

Documenting your work is important in any profession, and the PDF is a well-established and popular way to document your work in a variety of ways. This can be in spreadsheets, income statements, invoices, or even contracts.

Sometimes though, we need to manage these documents differently. Managing a PDF means taking it and either splitting it into different parts, merging it with other PDFs. Being able to format and arrange PDFs is necessary for most office jobs as well as in academic jobs such as teachers or administrators. Organizing pages creates a larger more complete document that is a finished project.

Although there are many different online PDF editors and managers available, some of them stand out as great tools for document management and organization; furthermore, there are certain things that set each of them apart.

1. Lumin PDF –

1. Lumin PDF -

One of the most popular PDF editors and managers available online is Lumin PDF. Lumin PDF is an online editor with a large array of tools that can be useful for a number of purposes such as being able to edit PDFs and formatting documents.

An edge that Lumin PDF has is that it automatically works with Google and Google Drive as a means to format. This comes in very handy due to the ability to put pages together on the go and then share them with colleagues, peers, or students.

Formatting and managing a PDF when using Google Drive allows you to do it even when out of the office. While many PDF editors often have similar features, where some hold advantages over others is the additional features and connectivity they sometimes feature and this is true of Lumin PDF. Whether you are adding, merging, or editing, Lumin PDF is a useful tool.

2. Nuance –

Nuance PDF editor is a nice tool that as its name implies offers some detail and helpful tools to help you create the right PDF for you.

Nuance is an excellent PDF manager if you are making a PDF file from several others or want to make a brand new PDF document from another type of file as it has a very good and easy-to-use interface that allows for an easy experience in creating a PDF document.

Being able to manage PDFs is essential and Nuance does give this opportunity since you can use it to not only make documents but also presentations that can be used in an office or classroom setting. While it is not as well known as some other PDF managers, it is better for some specific types of projects and needs.

For example, Nuance is a superior PDF manager to many in regards to graphics display and management. This is great since so often PDFs are not merely contracts and spreadsheets but part of meetings, class presentations, and business proposals.

3. Smallpdf-

3. Smallpdf-

Smallpdf is a very successful PDF editor and manager that many people have really gravitated toward in recent years as it is considered one of the simplest to use. While some might be put off by the price, it is still cheaper than some of the more well-known PDF editors.

While it does not have the graphics ability of Nuance or the versatility of Lumin PDF, it has an advantage in its ease of use and slimmed-down user interface.

Even with this, it still features everything you would want in a PDF editor and manager since you can convert, merge or anything else you might want to do in order to make the perfect document for your school or business. Small PDF is also one of the better managers in terms of conversions and types supported.

This is a great thing in the modern business world where there are many types of documents that are being converted from Excel to Word and many others.

4. PDFescape-

PDFescape is one of the most versatile PDF editing tools and also works as a greatly versatile PDF manager. PDFescape is an online PDF editor that unfortunately is not free but this cost is reduced at least in the short term due to its subscription fee payment system.

This is not for everyone but for those who are interested in a do-everything PDF manager then PDFescape could be for you since it has a vast array of tools at your disposal. Probably the best feature that PDFescape offers is its ability to convert documents. While many PDF managers offer this service, there are often no limits to its ability to convert from just about any document type.

5. Adobe Acrobat

The best-known PDF editor and often the first one that comes to mind for people who do not have a lot of experience in the business. Adobe Acrobat has been around a long time and with good reason, it is a great PDF editor and manager.

It has many tools and features which allow the user to create or convert a variety of documents. Like most PDF managers, it can merge, cut, and do many other things to help create and manage PDF documents for your office.

Although Adobe Acrobat is one of the best PDF editors it does have some drawbacks such as the cost which can be significant for some, and this especially true if you simply want to edit or modify a PDF. If you are creating a PDF template from scratch then it is great but for simple editing and managing, there are less expensive alternatives.

6. Infix Professional-

Infix Professional is a somewhat lesser-known PDF editor but it for sure has some advantages compared to some others.

The main benefit from Infix Professional is its ability to help you create a fresh PDF, while this is not the same as management, it works similarly as it can be used to bring together some different document types and assemble them in a way that creates a more coherent version for your project.

It does not have as many tools for specific purposes as you might find for Lumin or Adobe but for just making a PDF it is one of the best.

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