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Determining Whether A Project Management Career is Your Next Move

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read July 8, 2020 Last Updated on: August 7th, 2021

Project Management Career

It is unlikely that most children would choose “Project Manager” as their dream job, especially compared with perennial favorites “Cowboy” or “Princess.” However, project management is a dream career field for professionals of all stripes and should be on your shortlist of potential new careers.

What industries employ project managers?

Regardless of your current industry, there is a very good chance, and project management jobs can already be found. Some of the leading industries that employ project managers are:

  • Architectural
  • Health Insurance
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Software/IT
  • Engineering

A project manager in Health Insurance works with clients to ensure regulatory compliance, correct medical coding, processing claims, and more. A Construction project manager might evaluate the best construction project management software to create construction timelines, organize permits, and manage subcontractors. Information Technology project managers are skilled coders and computer scientists who lead their teams in developing new software, fixing bugs, and presenting work to the client. In every industry, qualified project managers are expected to have Bachelor’s degrees in their related fields, as well as talent for problem solving and organization.

Why should you choose project management?

For those who are seeking a career that is poised to grow, demand for project managers already outpaces the supply. The Product Management Institute studied projected job growth through 2027 and expects demand for well over 200,000 new project management positions annually in the United States. This same study discovered a talent gap, leaving the field wide open to newcomers. This increased demand directly leads to increased salaries. Since project management is an in-demand position across multiple industries, opportunities abound for professionals of every background.

What salary should you expect?

Before pursuing a new line of work, you will want to know how much you stand to make. As with all jobs, salary is dependent on education, experience, and location. Project management salaries vary depending on the industry, and project managers at larger companies may have greater earning potential than those at smaller companies. studied salaries of over 20,000 project managers and found the range to be as low as $22,000 or close to $175,000. On average, the mid-level PM could expect to earn around $80,000 per year.

What job titles should you search for?

Like every career, project managers can be found at both entry and executive levels. If you are just getting started in your project management career, you may want to search for “Project Coordinator” or “Project Scheduler” job titles. Both titles fall squarely in the administrative realm, making them great entry points for professionals with existing administrative experience.

As you progress through the project management hierarchy, you may seek positions as Assistant Project Manager or Project Manager, working your way up to Senior Project Manager. Assistant Project Managers help to lighten the workload on large projects. Project Managers take the lead on their projects, while Senior Project Managers juggle multiple projects simultaneously.

You have by now realized that project management is a good fit across industries and experience levels. If you are ready to learn more, career progression charts offer further insight. Enjoy learning about your new career as a project manager!

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