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Reasons Why People Do Not Pick Your Products on the Shelves

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


Selling your products in a grocery store is tough considering the number of items you have to compete with. Every shelf has several layers, and you need to compete with all of them. You cannot expect people to choose your product every time. However, it is a different story when you see your competitors’ products flying off the shelves while yours are not. These are some reasons why it is difficult for people to choose what you offer.

You do not advertise online:

advertise online

Before people go to the store to purchase your products, you need to start advertising. When they are already there, they know which product to buy. They will ignore all other options because you have something excellent to offer and they already made up their mind to patronize your products. Perhaps, your competitors are investing in online ads to increase awareness of their brand.

Your products are too expensive:

People these days are practical. They do not like investing in products that are way too expensive. They will compare the options and stick to items that are within their budget. It does not mean though that you should place an incredibly low price on the products you are selling if you have to sacrifice quality. You need to find a balance between quality products and affordable prices.

Your focus on price:

Although people are practical and they will look at prices when determining whether or not they buy certain products, it is not good to focus solely on costs. You also need to highlight other features of your brand to convince people to choose it. Create a clear message to your target audience so that they already have a reason to buy your products even before they head to the store.

Your labels are terrible:

When shopping, not everyone knows what they want to buy. They go inside the store with a list of what to buy, but no specific brand. Therefore, it helps if you have an appealing brand label. You can convince people to choose your product right away. Since these buyers have no idea which product to choose, they will decide based on the appeal of the labels. Find a company that offers a quality labelling machine so that you can improve the appearance. You can also ask for help from graphic designers to enhance the label design.

Your products are on the bottom of the shelves:

Most buyers will choose items that are within their eye level. They will not bend down or stretch up to get a product unless it is precisely what they want to purchase. Supermarkets and department stores usually ask for a different payment from companies to determine where they will place items. You need to invest to ensure that your products are in the prime spot. It is worth it because you increase the chances of your product getting picked.

Now that you know why people ignore what you offer, it is time to implement these changes.

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