Google has revolutionized the digital industry, unlike any other brand. Google search is probably the single most powerful engine on the market. However, what not many know is that Google Ad is the biggest advertising and publishing platform in the world. Google AdSense has transformed the world for the better. It is also worth billions of dollars in revenues. It has also contributed to making the world an improved place for brands and consumers. In this article, we try to look at how Google’s Double Click Advertising Platform is important.

Why it is so important?

The platform was designed to allow advertisers, publishers, and different agencies to buy media ads, plan and run campaigns from different advertising campaigns from different networks. Like RTB advertising.

Purchasing ads at tempting prices is one more option why the marketing world likes Google. Double Click offers personalized impressions to each user with the help of behavior analysis and targeting options. There are a great number of tools for analytics and management to track the results and their future polishing.

Google’s Double Click is one of the most trusted and verified mediums in the world of digital advertising. It has gained a lot of credibility and value from consumers, site owners, and real-world businesses.

One should understand that DoubleClick is like an add-on for existing ad accounts for different search systems. It helps:

  • to perform mass changes in the campaigns;
  • track keywords and ads in several search systems;
  • change both manually and automatically bidding rates for keywords depending on your business goals.

In terms of analytics and changing campaign directions, Google’s double click offers great value for money. It helps in optimizing campaigns in real-time. Many times, this can be the difference between real success and massive failure.

With Google’s Double Click platform, you can strategically plan your campaigns, optimize them, and see their progress. If you are not liking how your campaign is proceeding, you can always shut it down, and take it in another direction.

DoubleClick components:

There are five solutions where each complements another one.

Campaign Manager (DCM)

To say it simply, it is the foundation of the whole system. Such processes as impressions, optimization, planning, targeting options, display time, reports, and some other options are located there. This is basically the nerve center of the operation, one from which you can see and monitor all the changes.

Search (DSS)

This tool is necessary for those who want to be advertised in several search systems at once. It means that such a process as management, analysis, and bid regulations are settled here. Parallel monitoring on campaigns on various platforms, setting targets, keywords, and other metrics can be adjusted and monitored from here.

DoubleClick Studio:

Here you have a big set of options to create your ad. Its significant difference is an opportunity to make dynamic creative with video, audio, etc. This is the customization part of the entire process. Here the attractiveness of your advert is important. A good looking ad with images and videos performs really well.

Bid Manager (DBM)

This component is used to help ad purchasing at real-time auctions. It also can make biddings in real-time mode, optimize them, and forecast the number of impressions.

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

No ad market is possible without publishers. The system works after the same pattern as Google Adsense, but the only difference, that ad selling is possible on different platforms. Make sure you understand Google's ad rules to avoid a Google’s two-click penalty.

DoubleClick offers a very wide set of tools to tune the advertising campaign depending on particular business goals. The approach helps to save budget, increase effectiveness measures and the quality of the ads themselves.

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