Trying to make the perfect label graphic?

Wondering how to design a label perfectly?

If you want to make sure your marketing label presents your product and your brand in the best light, you need to take your time to create the perfect label design. After the product itself, great design packaging and killer labels may just be what sets you apart from your competitors.

Here are 5 Tips for Designing A Killer Label Graphic For Your Products:

Below we'll give you our top tips for making a killer label graphic for your product.

1. Use Illustrations:

While different products have different design needs, sometimes the thing that can make a label stand are original illustrations. Illustrations are interesting to look at and will draw the eyes of your customers.

If you're making labels for your hot sauce brand, for example, you may want to have a great illustration of a pepper, fire, or of another relevant item.

Illustrations by a great artist can help your product look great and very unique since two artists will never create things in exactly the same way.

2. Keep it Readable:

While it's great to get creative with a product label it's important to remember that you shouldn't take it too far.

The product label still has an important job to do, so make sure that your label is readable and easy to understand once you're done creating it. A readable label will allow your customers to see essential information about your product such as nutritional info or contents.

Don't neglect this part of your label or make it hard to understand by using a cluttered design.

3. Consider Typographic Pairing:

Many product label designers make the mistake of using one typography for all of the written text on the label. A great label design will combine typefaces and make use of two or even more typographies to give more differentiation to the design.

However, it's important to consider carefully which typographies you use as they can all have a different effect on the eyes. When using two typefaces together it's essential that they match perfectly, so make sure you experiment a lot to find the right choice.

4. Pick Colors That Make a Statement:

Another aspect of a product label that you have a lot of control over and that can potentially make your product stand out is choosing the right colors. Color psychology is very important in branding and marketing.

Different colors have different effects on the mind. The right colors can also make your product stand out in a big way, particularly if you choose colors that are in direct contrast to what the majority of your competitors are using.

5. Remember the White Space:

In addition to using great colors don't forget about the power of white space as well. White space can give your product label a clean and elegant looking design, and if used in the right doses, can make your product more memorable.

White space is useful for separating different pieces of information on a label and will help ensure that your product label isn't too cluttered and disorganized.

Using These Tips to Perfect Your Label Graphic:

It takes time, energy, and know-how to create the perfect label graphic for your business product. Make sure you consider the tips above if you want it to look as good as possible when all is said and done.

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