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Top Questions To Ask A Product Packaging Company Before You Hire Them

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Product Packaging Company

There is a reason why companies like Apple, Samsung, KFC, McDonald’s, and others pay such close attention to product packaging. Successful companies have for the longest time understood that great product packaging can help in establishing positive first impressions.

In the absence of your businesses’ CEO or sales representative, a product packaging should be able to convey everything. This includes what the product is all about and caters to what the brand is trying to showcase through the product.

Great product packaging is like successful brand storytelling. It takes into account a little bit of-

In this article, we are going to discuss a topic that has always featured prominently in the wish-list of every business- how to select the right product packaging company. We take help from our great friends at Rex 3 packaging and printing and list down some important questions you should ask a company before hiring them.

List of 5 Important Questions to ask a Product Packaging Company

List of 5 Important Questions to ask a Product Packaging Company

1. What can you offer in terms of packaging capabilities?

As a business, you would want to work with a packaging company that can help you with all types of packaging needs. This means that the company should have the bandwidth, expertise, and technology to help you if you need small packages or big ones. Businesses should also look at integrated printing and packaging companies for the greatest levels of benefits.

2. Do you have a Minimum Order Policy in place? If yes then what is it?

Most packaging companies work on a minimum order guarantee. This helps them stay profitable and structure processes accordingly. Every new packaging order requires a new set-up to alter the machine, change up the process, and train the employees. Minimum order guarantees protect the financial interests of packaging businesses.

3. What is the Ideal Turnaround Times that can be Expected?

If your business is involved in manufacturing food items, you need a packaging partner that can speed up the process. Products that have expiry dates need to be fast-tracked in terms of packaging needs. As s business, you need to ensure that the turnaround times are satisfactory in nature. This will help you streamline the production and logistics supply process effectively.

4. How many years of experience do you have in Product Packaging?

A good packaging company has been in the industry servicing clients for at least three to five years. In this time period, they would have understood pain and pressure points and troubleshooting challenges that come as part and parcel of the business. This is an important question that should dictate your decision. Do not go for inexperienced vendors.

5. Have you worked with someone from my Industry Niche before?

This question is important on two levels. First, it helps you understand whether there will be any conflict of interest for the packaging company. Secondly, it will shed light on whether the packaging company has prior experience of handling a business of your nature. Depending on which factor takes precedence for you as a business, you can go ahead with your selection.

The Use of Modern and Technological Machines and Processes in Packaging

The Use of Modern and Technological Machines and Processes in Packaging

We could have included this as one of the questions, but we felt that this was important enough to be discussed as a separate point.

Every function from packaging to printing has used modern technology to become effective in the last few years. This not only extends to choosing the best materials but also putting ink on them.

Structural rigidity, ease of handling, and storage by the customer have all come to be answered with the use of technology.

The best packaging companies use the latest and most sophisticated technologies and machines to ensure that the product looks alluring and attractive in terms of form and function.

Businesses should ask packaging companies about the kind of technology they are using. This will help businesses get an idea about what will be possible in terms of the appearance of their products.

The Bottom Line

By asking these five important questions to packaging companies, businesses can ensure that they are being able to make the right decision. Packaging plays a great role in being the brand’s ambassador. If you have any other questions, you wish for us to discuss, do let us know in the comments section below.

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