How To Play Portal 2? A Step By Step Guide Of 2022

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Portal 2

In 2007, Valve, the mastermind behind games like Counter-Strike and Half-Life, decided to launch one of the most innovative games of all time. So when Portal was established as a “secret” game inside the Orange Bundle, no one expected a game this good to be released in secret.

While everyone was playing games like Call Of Duty and Oblivion, people got used to games being simple, where you go from one point to another by killing everything that moves in front of you. Portal dared to do this differently by letting you think about how to get from point A to B. This led to creating a game so unique that everyone flocked like shep to play it.

But when did Portal 2 come out? Fast forward to 2011, Valve releases Portal 2. While the first game was already considered one of the best PC games, its sequel received even better praise from critics and players.

After hearing that, even you must be wondering how to play this game? Well, you have come to the right place since, in this article, we will be explaining some of the basic step-by-step processes of playing this game.

How To Play Portal 2?

How To Play Portal 2

When you start playing Portal 2, there is a high chance that you might be confused with how the game begins and start looking for a Portal 2 walkthrough. While most will get what’s happening, many will not since this game is a sequel of Portal, carrying over its protagonist Chell and following the same narrative. So while playing the first game does help in understanding the story and getting familiar with the gameplay, it is not a necessity by any means.

1. Use The Least Number Of Portals

Use The Least Number Of Portals

The gameplay of Portal involves connecting several interlinked portals with your best friend, the Portal gun. With its help, you can open two different portals – blue and orange.

Since you will be playing with a mouse and keyboard, you place the first blue Portal by clicking on the left mouse button and then use the right mouse button to create the second orange Portal. Next, you enter through the blue Portal and exit from then orange as it may suggest.

The first thing that you should do after entering a new chamber is to look around and analyze the layout of the rooms. This is important because it will help you strategically place portals for outsmarting Wheatley Portal 2. The main aim here is to create the least number of outlets to clear a chamber.

2. Remember Where Your Portals Are

Remember Where Your Portals Are

While trying to zoom through a chamber from Portal to Portal, you might often forget the places where you opened a portal. This is because many rooms have puzzles that you need to solve to proceed.

It is during puzzle-solving that many players often get confused. Every player takes time to analyze their surroundings and seek out the best places to create a portal. However, you might die in the process many times because you opened a portal in the wrong area or forgot where you placed your initial blue Portal.

Remembering key locations to open your Portal will help you in the long run as you get more and more accustomed to the game’s mechanics and the dialogues of Portal 2 characters like Portal 2 Wheatley. Unfortunately, many players often forget where portals are because of how your movement gets affected by portals since using kinetic momentum is key to solving many puzzles.

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3. Timing Is Key

Timing Is Key

In a game featuring portals, timing is the most significant factor in determining whether you repeatedly die in the same room or escape like an intelligent person. Timing is crucial because many times, there are traps that activate after certain intervals.

Due to the room’s layout, you might be forced to open a portal right in front of a trap. Time your Portal jumps so that you land and escape when the traps are off, which only lasts for a few seconds.

Chaining portals are also crucial because you will often have one static Portal placed beforehand in a room. You can only pass through these premade portals and blue or orange. Create portals of the other color to use them together, followed by repeatedly passing through portals to increase the momentum required to reach areas that are further away.

4. Think Out Of The Box

Think Out Of The Box

Portal 2 PS4 is a game that will make players scratch their heads as they try to figure out the solution for solving a puzzle. You need to think out of the box and enter a 4D realm to figure out the puzzle finally.

Always think in multiple ways to use your surroundings to your advantage creatively. For example, can you place a cube through the Portal to block incoming fire from enemy turrets? Or do you portal the turret to a place to destroy other objects? The entire room is your playground, and you can use everything at your disposal to escape the wrath of Glados before she starts tickling your funny bone.

If you go through one Portal to another without anyone stopping your momentum, you will be like a flash, zooming around the room at high speeds. Learn to place portals strategically and even in the middle of a jump to continue jumping around and fling yourself to places that you thought were previously unreachable.

5. Check For Cubes And Turrets

Check For Cubes And Turrets

In most rooms, you will find cubes and turrets placed around that can be of great help to you. A basic rule to remember is that cubes are your friend, while turrets are your main enemies.

Create portals to place cubes in specific strategic locations so that they can land on a switch that opens a door, or it falls over a turret to trip it over. You can also use cubes for cover by placing them between torrent fire and you. You can also remove turrets from the picture by putting a portal below them and sending them to their isolation.

Also, many energy balls will often zoom around you. Create portals to guide thee energy balls to their holder, which can open several doors for you and solve puzzles.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is Portal 2 Free?

Portal 2 is not a free game. Check it spruce on the Portal 2 Steam page.

Q2. Is Portal 2 The Best Game Ever?

Portal 2 may be one of the best puzzle games ever, but not the best game of all time.

Q3. Can You Get Portal 2 On Switch?

Yes, Portal 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Q4. Is Portal 2 Available on PS4?

No, the Portal 2 PS4 version is not available. As of now, only the Portal 2 PS3 version is available for Playstation users.


To see Portal 2 ending, you need to go through 9 different levels with increasingly complex challenges. Therefore, learning the game’s mechanics and understanding its core concepts is crucial. Read this article to understand the game’s main mechanics and better prepare yourself to face the challenges ahead.

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