If you're living with someone with special needs such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), you might want to introduce jigsaw puzzles to them. The game comes with so many benefits you cannot ignore. Some of these include:

1. Jigsaw puzzles help them solve problems

Jigsaw puzzles help them solve problems

Jigsaw puzzles help gamers solve their problems better. The puzzle itself is a problem that needs you to put the pieces together to solve. And as much as knowing where to place the next piece can be challenging, it helps them think more.

When gamers learn to navigate this game, it helps them make better decisions.

Jigsaw puzzles also help to increase their attention span. It helps them look, learn and focus on shapes, sizes, and colors.

2. Improves their social skills

Jigsaw puzzles help gamers with special needs to improve their social skills. When you work together, it promotes listening, interaction and inclusion. You can prompt the gamer to tell you the colors and shapes of the pieces. And this will help both of you interact better.

3. Teaches them persistence

Jigsaw puzzles help gamers learn persistence. If you're an ardent gamer, you'll agree that sometimes solving a puzzle can be frustrating, especially as the difficulty level increases. However, it teaches you to be persistent and keep working to solve the puzzle.

Persistence and patience are virtues you don't want to have. Besides helping you in the game, they help you in real life. When you learn to be patient, you become better and loveable.

4. Endless entertainment

Jigsaw puzzles offer endless amusement besides education. They help gamers with special needs to have a good time as they learn.

With jigsaw puzzles, gamers can spend some time off their daily schedules to have constructive fun. You can play together as a family and bond better. It helps them feel included and part of the family.

5. Builds confidence

When a gamer finishes a jigsaw puzzle, it makes them feel confident. And having a sense of accomplishment keeps you motivated and positive.

It helps gamers want to play more. And that builds their self-confidence and self-esteem. That allows them to believe in their abilities more and value their contributions in life.

6. Independence


Doing jigsaw puzzles alone helps improve a gamer's confidence and independence. It helps them tackle tasks better and believe in themselves.

You can keep the gamer engaged in a jigsaw puzzle as you do your chores. Even as you watch from a distance, you will notice that the gamer's face lights up when they're able to finish a puzzle by themselves.

The game is fun and will have a gamer want to play more and more.

Final thoughts

Now that you know the benefits of jigsaw puzzles for gamers with special needs, you can allow your loved one to enjoy this game. Or spare some time to play together as you bond. Be sure to choose a puzzle that is not too difficult to solve to avoid frustrating their efforts.

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