How To Play Counter Strike Global Offensive? Best Guide Of 2023

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If you have ever played any game on your PC, you must have heard about Counter-Strike Global Offensive. This game has been around for two decades, making PC gamers rage quit and curse their enemies and teammates. People who play this game love to hate it, call it trash, and continue to play it every day.

This is the magic of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one of the best PC FPS games ever made. Counter-Strike has become synonymous with the eSports scene of the world, being the game that made millions of players cheer for their favorite teams and players during major tournaments.

History Of Counter-Strike

History Of Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike Global Offensive was released in the year 2012. However, it is not the first Counter-Strike game to come out.

Counter-Strike 1.6, originally a fan-made mod for the game Half-Life by Valve, was released on the internet by modders Minh Le and Jess Cliffe in 1999. It involves two teams of five players (one team being the Terrorist and the other being the Counter Terrorirts) planting and defending a bomb site from each other. Each team switches their place in the middle of the game, with the first team to win 15 rounds winning the game.

After it became an overnight success, they were hired by Valve and the entire Counter-Strike IP (it was based on their game, after all). Soon, it became one of the most played PC games of all time, having the most significant eSports scene.

Soon, after the release of Half-Life 2, which featured an updated Source engine, this game followed suit with the release of Counter-Strike: Source. This version also became equally popular as it updated the game with better graphics and gun physics.

However, after the development team brainstormed new ideas to make this game stand up to other modern shooters, Counter-Strike Global Offensive was born. Of course, many players want to know when did Counter Strike Global Offensive come out. It came out in 2012, featuring more realistic graphics, polished gameplay, and better servers than the previous entries.

Ever since people learned how to get Counter Strike global offensive for free and how to make a counter strike global offensive server, it became one of the most played games on PC, with millions of players logging in every day. It became one of the most followed eSports titles of its time, along with League Of Legends. The legacy of this game gave rise to many legendary eSports players like Simple, Shroud, Stewie2K, Skadoodle, Olofmeister, F0rest, and others who became aimbots that every FPS gamer knows about. 

How To Play Counter Strike Global Offensive?

How To Play Counter Strike Global Offensive

The biggest problem with this game is its barrier to entry. Since this is a highly competitive eSports title, all your actions must be immaculately precise. Make a slight mistake, and you will be punished with a bullet to your face. This is why many players find it challenging to get good in this game. However, once you learn the intricacies of this game, you will be logging in every day to smurf on new players, ruining their experience.

To get good at this game, we recommend these tips that have been passed down from the pros over time. They are:

1. Learn To Land Headshots

This game is heavily reliant on your aim. Do not expect to climb up the ranks and be a better player in a few days. To get good aim, you need to master this game’s movement mechanics and the different shooting mechanics of every gun. This takes time to learn and implement every game. These mechanics are:

A. Crosshair Placement

This refers to keeping your gun’s crosshair at all times at head level. This includes predicting the various angles from where the enemy will peek at you and keeping your gun pre-aimed at the same place where the enemy’s head will show up. This makes aiming easier since you need to make fewer movements to aim at the head. All you need to do is click the left mouse button.

B. Counter Strafing

Even if you miss your shot after having perfect crosshair placement, you will instantly get owned by the enemy swinging you. So how do you prevent instant death after you miss your shots?

Counter strafing is the act of moving left and right simultaneously to “reset” your aim. The recoil becomes challenging to manage when you continue firing your gun, as you see all bullets hitting anything but the enemy.

To counter strafe, press the other lateral movement after firing a bullet. For example, if you are peeking at an angle and notice an enemy, do not start shooting. Instead, get out of the enemy’s crosshair by pressing A (left) or D (right). These ensure that they miss their shots. Then, as you start moving in one direction, press the opposite button (D if you pressed A and vice versa) to come to a perfect halt.

This resets the movement momentum that sometimes makes you miss shots. It also resets your recoil (don’t ask why). Then wither fire a bullet or a few, and rinse and repeat. Keep on moving and resetting your bullet displacement to ensure most shots hit where your crosshair is pointing at.

C. Recoil Control

The following bullet will go somewhere above the previous one whenever you shoot a shot. But unlike Call of Duty games, recoil is difficult to control here because every gun has a high recoil pattern that stays the same throughout.

For example, the AK 47 makes a “7” recoil pattern when firing. Therefore, moving your crosshair to make the next bullet land on the enemy’s head. We know it seems challenging, and it is. Just practice, and you will get better at it. Each gun has different recoil patterns, and you need to remember and react to it all differently. Now you know why people hate this game but still call it one of the best FPS PC games of all time?

2. Know Every Inch Of Every Map

This is a difficult task, but you need to know every inch of all the 27 maps in the game, from the iconic Dust 2 to the latest Amazon. For example, you need to know all the entryways for every A, and B site, where the best bomb plant spots are, covers from enemy fire, what angles enemies typically peek from, etc. Don’t worry about this task since it will take you months to understand the intricacies of each map.

3. Learn Lineups

After you get good at aiming and start knowing all the maps, upgrade yourself by learning essential smoke, bomb, and molly lineups from anywhere on the map.

Suppose you are playing as a counter-terrorist, defending one side of the map. As soon as you see the enemy rushing into the other site, stop their advance with a well-placed smoke bomb or Molotov by throwing it at an angle from one place to another. You can also smoke some entryways to prevent enemies from peeking at you from standard angles. 

4. Understand And Manage Your Economy

Each round, you have to buy your equipment with the money that you have earned. Wins give more money to you, while losses give less (consecutive losses slowly increase the money gained). Try to save your money by not buying guns and only duking it out with your trusty pistol (it’s free) if you are down on funds. While you might lose this round, you can at least ensure that you can buy an M4 or the AK47 with armor and smoke grenades next round.

Also, try to predict your enemy’s economy. What equipment they will buy will dictate their playstyle. This is where the mind games and strategies start to come out.

5. Grind With Your Friends

Playing with your friends who are constantly communicating with you in the bet5 way to grind and enjoy playing Counter Strike Global Offensive. However, playing with random teammates will only lead to grief and frustration since most do not communicate, making you clueless half the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some of the frequently asked questions discussed below about CSGO.

Q1. Is CS Global Offensive Free?

CS Global Offensive is free to play but requires purchasing the game to play ranked mode.

Q2. Is CS GO Free On PC?

Yes, CS GO is free on PC. First, however, purchase the game to play tanked mode in hacker-free servers.

Q3. Is CS GO OK For A 13 Year Old?

CS GO is not OK for a 13-year-old since most players are older and will probably resort to verbal abuse if someone plays badly.

Q4. Is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Worth Buying?

Counter Strike Global Offensive is undoubtedly worth buying.


Counter Strike Global Offensive has cemented itself as one of the most iconic tactical FPS PC games of all time. With quick reflex-based movement and aiming, this game takes years to learn its mechanics properly and master it. While it may take time to get better in this game and can be disheartening at times, never give up on hope and follow our recommended tips to “gitgud” fast.

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