Despite the attractive multi-million dollar turnover of the computer gaming market, it is oh so difficult to enter it. This will require a solid start-up capital, more than one year of game development work, and the “creative brains” of computer geniuses, which is much more important for success. You can always find suitable developers on Kevurugames.

The gaming industry has been one of the fastest-growing for several years now. The explanation for this is quite simple – computers and game development consoles are getting cheaper, and a person’s desire to have fun does not disappear. Moreover, not a single economic crisis can prevent this. It has long been noticed that the worse the economy is, the more money people spend on inexpensive entertainment, trying to brighten up gloomy everyday life; somehow.

How The Game Developments Are Turning Serious Business

How The Game Developments Are Turning Serious Business

The time of single romantics in this industry has long passed: game development has become a very serious business, where entire teams of specialists work on each new project.

The problem of personnel in the computer gaming industry is one of the most pressing problems. 

Outsourcing is another type of quite successful game developer business, in which specialists develop individual parts of a game or complete the entire project under an agreement with a game manufacturer. The benefits of such collaboration are obvious to both parties – the developer saves a lot of money, and other developers get the job. You can also hire a full-fledged game development company on favorable terms.

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How Can You Step Into The Game Development Business?

How Can You Step Into The Game Development Business?

For those wishing to enter the gaming computer business, only two areas are now free: distribution or sale of finished games and development.

As for the publishing house, it is not easy to get into this direction, even with huge start-up capital.

The most profitable thing is to simultaneously engage in game development, publishing, and distribution, controlling the entire technological process, making a profit at every stage, and not giving it to a third-party company. But only very large companies, which have enough resources for everything, can afford it.

How To Start The Game Development Business?

How To Start The Game Development Business?

When developing a game, the main thing is to plan the entire process and then organize it just as competently. There is a certain technological sequence of operations. 

  • First of all, the manager (producer) makes a marketing analysis of the market, determining which products will be in demand in a year and a half – after the game’s release. 
  • After coming up with a new idea for the game development, the creation of the so-called “concept document” begins, which includes a detailed description of the future product, analysis of the market situation – that is, a kind of business plan
  • The next stage is called “pre-production which ends with creating a “design document.”
  • It is attended by the leaders of the game development directions – the chief designer, concept artists, the smallest tasks of the game and levels, the amount of animation, heroes, and so on, up to the tree in the background, take part. 
  • It is the quality of pre-production that largely determines the success of the game in the future. Then “production” begins directly. The whole team is already involved in it: programmers, designers, artists, animators. 

This is the longest stage, at the end of which the alpha version of the game is created, as a rule, with many bugs, which are corrected within a couple of months, during which the beta version appears. It fixes the latest errors (sometimes in collaboration with publishers), and only then the finished product appears. 


According to the developers, only “brains” can provide the quality of the game development; it is impossible to work here without a creative approach. Another challenge in this business is the changing fashion that computer games are also subject to. The game development of one project takes from a year to two, and during this time, the demand may change. Therefore, sometimes, it is easier for developers to close a project than continue spending money.

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