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5 Benefits Of Portable AC Equipment For Your Business

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Portable AC Equipment

Judging by the sweltering heat outside, it’s clear that summer is here! And with the hot days coming, every business owner wants to create a comfortable and convenient environment for their employees.

Most businesses in regions with higher temperatures rely on their air conditioning unit. While company owners prefer to utilize a central air conditioner, the emerging trend toward portable AC equipment is also performing effectively for most firms.

We’ll go over some of the advantages of employing a portable air conditioner for your company in this article.

1. A Good Backup And Support Cooling System

1. A Good Backup And Support Cooling System

Your business building most likely has a central air conditioning system. However, it appears that these systems are more likely to fall during the summer. But it’s not a coincidence. Because your air conditioner needs to work harder during the hotter months.

While you can simply contact an HVAC technician to fix it, your employees will not like working in a cramped office space without a cooling system.

In such situations, a portable AC system can be a lifesaver. Several businesses provide portable HVAC rentals that can keep your office space at a comfortable temperature while the experts fix your main cooling system.

In addition, a portable AC system can also serve as cooling support for your main cooling system when it’s too strained and can’t cool down your office like before due to extremely high temperatures.

2. More Than Just Cooling

2. More Than Just Cooling

Today’s portable AC systems aren’t just one trick unit. Most portable ACs available can do more than just cool a room. This makes them the perfect choice for year-round indoor comfort.

Some of the common features of a portable AC include:

a. Heat Mode

When the winter months arrive, a portable air conditioner may be switched to a heat mode, keeping your office and company area warm and cozy.

b. Fan-Only Operation

Suitable for days that do not require heating or cooling, a portable AC can help keep fresh air moving throughout your office or business space. This setting runs the fan itself to keep the air flowing.

c. Dehumidification

Most portable AC models come with a built-in dehumidifier which is beneficial during rainy days. A built-in dehumidifier in your portable AC can help remove excess moisture from an office room. Some models even have a self-evaporation feature that automatically expels all collected moisture.

3. Cost-Effective

3. Cost-Effective

According to statistics, over 30% of energy consumption in a commercial building is used for heating and cooling. Also, cooling and heating can amount to about 8% or higher of a commercial building’s overall costs.

One technique to cut expenses is to only cool places that are required and inhabited. This is where a portable air conditioner may help. Instead of chilling the whole floor or building, the finest portable air conditioner can detect an occupied room or space on your company premises.

If your employees spend most of their time in one place, then it doesn’t make sense to crank down your main AC thermostat. By strategically deploying portable ACs on key business spaces and rooms, you can significantly lower your cooling costs.

Operating a portable in one room versus a central AC on your entire business floor, you could save as much as 5x on your monthly electricity bill. Imaging reduces your bill while still keeping your office space cool and your employees comfortable all day long.

Plus, there’s also the fact that portable ACs are way cheaper than central ACs and even ductless mini-splits. While higher-end portable ACs will certainly cost more than the standard models, you’ll be able to find an effective portable AC for less than $500 as a single room cooling solution.

4. No Restrictions

If you rent a business space, it’s quite probable that your landlord will not allow for disruptive construction and renovation, such as the installation of central air conditioning or window air conditioning.

While the building may already have a cooling system, a portable air conditioner is a great way to add more ACs without the hassle of installing them to enhance cooling throughout the summer.

Portable ACs are not invasive and can easily fit inside any commercial building without your landlord having any problems with them.

5. Great For On-The-Go Cooling

Portable ACs are also great for on-the-go cooling. Whether you’re having a corporate outing or team building far away, you can take your portable ACs to keep everyone comfortable wherever you go. This is particularly suitable if your team’s destination doesn’t have AC rooms. Similarly, you can enjoy its portable nature when moving to a new office space.

Take Away

And there you have it! Portable AC equipment keeps getting more popular as businesses recognize its versatility and energy-saving benefits. So, if the heat is reducing the comfort and productivity of your employees, a portable AC can save the day.

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