Team-building activities are a popular way for businesses to build camaraderie and rapport while enhancing employee morale. One activity has taken the world by storm: escape rooms. Virtual escape rooms from have become widely popular, offering interactive bonding and friendly competition. How does it work? Players pick a specific room and have to solve the mystery so they can escape. Of course, to make things more thrilling, they need to solve the puzzle within a certain time frame. So, are you looking for a great team-building experience? Here’s why escape rooms are an excellent choice.

Why they’re so popular:

Escape rooms have become immensely popular for the simple reason that they’re fun and exciting, and there’s a huge adrenaline rush you can get from solving the mystery and being set free. Escape rooms are great for groups of people, such as friends and family, and on occasions such as birthday parties, escape rooms are an excellent choice. But escape rooms are brilliant for team building as well since the players have to work together and collaborate so they can solve the mystery. With the exercise, team members can effectively bond, and companies can see how each member contributes or solves their way out of the situation as well.

The benefits for team building:

There’s a common objective:

The players in the escape room have one specific goal: they need to solve the mystery and then, ultimately, escape. The great thing about escape rooms is that it allows your team to set a common goal and objective, just like they do in the workplace. It helps your team and workers establish set goals and objectives and work together to achieve them. In escape rooms, teams need to first determine their overall purpose. They can then discuss what they think they should do. As they discuss, they can find certain conflicts, which they should resolve amongst themselves without any outside help. The point of the game is to allow the team to collaborate and work together, resolve conflicts, and achieve a common objective – which all bodes well for how they will fare together in the workplace.

Members can be assessed by the team:

Each of us has a different way of dealing with conflict, but with an escape room activity such as the escape games Leeds offers, by Kanyu Escape, your company can see how each team member handles a particular conflict or difficult situation. With escape rooms, team members are tasked to come up with a way to resolve the conflict, letting you know what their strengths and weaknesses are in regard to problem-solving. By having an escape room team building activity, you can more accurately determine which team member or worker may require a more thorough assessment so you can plan a path for improvement in their workplace performance.

Companies can identify the different kinds of people in their workplace:

There are different kinds of people and, sometimes, the best way to get to know your team is through an escape room activity. Since they are placed in a difficult situation, you can get to know their personalities in a different setting and see who is disruptive, optimistic, a positive thinker, assertive, shy, etc. You can also see who takes charge and who prefers to be in the background. By learning more about their personalities, you can place them in situations or give them responsibilities in the workplace which are better attuned to the kind of personality they have.

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