It’s easy to feel like you’re out of the loop when it comes to discovering new music.  New hits come and go in the blink of an eye. If you don’t keep up, you’ll fall behind in no time.  There are all sorts of good music out there just waiting to be discovered.

If you want to make sure that you’re up to date with the latest up and coming artists, then take a look at some of the best ways to stay current.

9 Places To Discover New Music:

1. Radio:


The radio is a fantastic way to keep up with the latest hits by new artists.  Try to get to know your local DJ’s so that you can anticipate when their shows come on.

You can listen to the newest tunes in your car while commuting, or even while doing housework.  You’ll hear all of the latest mainstream artists and maybe even some great underground independent work.

The nice thing about radio is that you can also stream shows online.  As a result, you have access to an even wider range of artists.

2. Social Media:

Social Media

Social media is a great way to keep up with the latest news, particularly when it comes to music.  Artists that you’re following will usually post about their most recent release or about other artists that they recommend.

You can not only keep up with their latest projects, but you can also connect with your favorite artists on a personal level.

3. Blogs:


There are plenty of blogs out there specifically dedicated to discovering new artists.  They usually review and recommend the latest albums.

It may take some time to find a blog which resonates specifically with your particular taste.  However, once you do find a page that you click with, it can be one of your greatest resources for finding new things to listen to.

4. YouTube:


Seeing new music videos and streaming new music can be as simple as subscribing to your favorite artists’ channels.  Not only will you receive a notification when something new is released from your favorite artists, but you’ll also get recommendations of similar videos.

You can create playlists and share them with your friends, while simultaneously swapping with what they share too.

5. Spotify:


Spotify is one of the leading music streaming services.  You can either stream free of charge with advertisements or pay a monthly fee for no ads whatsoever.

The app provides music on demand with the option to create multiple playlists, and even radio stations based on your preferences.

6. Soundcloud:


Soundcloud is a great resource for finding unsigned artists looking to get their work out.  Thousands of people upload their original creations every day to connect with others and be discovered!  You may even decide to upload something yourself!

7. Twitter:


At first, Twitter was considered as one of the cursory social media platform, where news, opinion, current trends, thoughts can be shared until I realized its way of presenting new music to all of us. Twitter has somehow also joined this new niche, in case of music reviewers who have started giving short reviews of newly launched music.

They also give us information about some not undiscovered music which is actually very sweet to hear. New music companies find Twitter to be one of the best place to run short campaigning of the new music. Hence, we can find sources of new music through twitter as well.

8. Bandcamp:

Bandcamp is so awesomely optimized that one can get songs according to their various moods. It is one of the most detailed platforms where you can not only find music from any genre, any form but you can also stream on various artists to find out what new songs sung by them, have been launched.

Not only that, once you start streaming a song by its title, you will automatically find some related posts and new featured songs on the suggestion list.

9. StaiMusic:

When you are ambiguous about something or you are experiencing frequent mood swing than StaiMusic is exactly what you need. The reason is not only its infinite collection of songs based on every genre and every age.

The main attraction of StaiMusic is its search engine. Instead of asking you about the name or the type of song you want to listen, it asks you what you are feeling right now. Once you fill in the type of mood you are in, it plays the type of songs you should be listening to.

Now music isn’t just a way of amusement for you, it is also a way you express your mood; so, get them now!

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