Top 10 Podcast Production Firm New Jersey That You Need To Know About In 2023!

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top podcast production firm new jersey

Did you know about the podcast production companies? New Jersey is one of the leading locations in the USA for competitive financial incentives and a robust workforce. Do you know about some of the top podcast production firm New Jersey?

Please read this article to learn about the top 10 companies with professional-grade production studios and how they support the growing podcast business. It is an added benefit if you work with a podcast production house because there are other factors or aspects in the episode that you can find during audio production.

The podcast production companies are responsible for effectively using skills and providing resources to the podcast creators, so there is no copyright issue. In this article, I have listed the top 10 podcast production films in New Jersey. I will also break some myths related to podcast production firms!

Top 10 Podcast Production Firms in New Jersey You Need To Know About In 2023!

Top 10 Podcast Production Firms in New Jersey You Need To Know About In 2023!

As a person who is very new to podcasts, you might be confused about the process, especially when you don’t know how it works! As a podcaster, an individual has to manage several roles: writer, manager, editor, marketer, manager, and audio engineer.

With a production company at the helm, there is an advantage for you to handle your creation much better, considering you have more resources to depend on. The hours of hard work you are required when it comes to recording the audio, editing, marketing, and promotion.

So, developing different ideas, designing the podcasts, and marketing it is encouraged when a production firm is included. These companies help create platforms for the most successful and top podcast episodes.

What Are Podcast Production Firms?

What Are Podcast Production Firms_

The podcast production companies develop show apps where clients listen to music and episodes, manage podcasters and publishers, promote podcast networking through advertising, and host podcast services.

  • There are some specific services that podcast production companies perform when working with podcast creators.
  • Developing professional shows such as Gimlet and Stitcher
  • Keeping audio files of episodes and delivering them to listeners worldwide.
  • Establishes publishers and advertisers in the marketplaces by putting in advertisements in the episodes and shows such as Midroll and Advertise
  • Offering MP3s or audio files to streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and others
  • Remote recording is another service being catered to by podcast production companies.
  • There are also production houses that help transcribe the episodes of the shows and turn them into articles.

Apart from the services, there are some products that the production companies in the podcast industry create, such as recording equipment producers (RODE), editing software, and producing royalty-free music. Lets learn about the top podcast production firm New Jersey!

The production of podcasts using mics, mic booms, mixers, and portable interfaces can be expensive for one individual. Therefore, if you have a group of people from a production studio working for you, you can work better with your recording, editing, and evaluating the quality of the episodes.

1. PoliLingua


One of the unique features of the company out of the top podcast companies is that they manage language-based solutions that specialize in localization and translation of episodes in different languages. The film services small and big private, government, and corporate clients.

The company provides services in any language worldwide, especially with the 20 years of experience that the company has with networking among the audience. The firm creates subtitling services and desktop publishing.

They translate documents and episodes of podcasts in over 100 languages, including Italian, French, German, and Chinese. Around 50 employees in the organization are very talented in contributing to audio production and service focus. For an hour of service, the company charges about $25 to $49!

2. Riverside Partners Advertising

Riverside Partners Advertising 

Riverside Partners Advertising is based in Hawthorne, NE, Jersey, with around 30 employees. The company is a full-service advertising agency offering podcast recording knowledge and insights.

The company has a talented and dynamic creative team with years of experience. They are using multimedia platforms to serve clients, especially to produce podcasts. The company aims to comprehend an advertising plan with strategies to build a good collection of podcasts and episodes.

The company has created a brand where the sales have considerably increased along with increasing customer awareness, which customizes the client’s needs. The management team of Tom Morris and Jason Magna of the company provides a broad level of services in podcast recording!

3. Sociality Squared

Sociality Squared

Sociality Squared is a New York Social Media Agency that produces podcasts, recording shows, episodes, and other products. The company has performed work for clients such as Popcorn in Indiana, Leica Camera, and Dolphin Browser.

The brand has successfully developed partnerships, strategies, decisions, and work where the core values help support podcast creators. The company charges $150 to $199 an hour to create or record podcasts.

They specialize in creating audio content for Facebook marketing and advertisements, thus building community. Engagement through content creation and development has been effective in helping both creators and clients.

4. Montebello Media

Montebello Media

As a marketing agency that encompasses all media-based content and podcast production services, the company focuses on developing, producing, and distributing the content or message by focusing on video-based content.

The brand has the capability of spearheading digital marketing along with brand presence. The company charges around $200 to $300 an hour to develop audio recordings concerning podcasts or episode-based shows.

The company has unlimited opportunities concerning crafting visuals, igniting digital marketing campaigns, sculpting web designs, and tuning podcasts. The ultimate collaboration of all these services is the vision of the brand for podcast production!

5. Peak Curiosity

Peak Curiosity

The podcast production firm is located closer to Wilton, CT! The company is heavily focused on audio production and services related to audio recording production. The company has been established in the market for 20 years!

Considered one of the top podcast production companies in New Jersey, Peak Curiosity is also into making content for TV, film, or any imaginative virtual experience. Their headquarters is situated on the East Coast, while they have a presence in Los Angeles.

The company’s content consists largely of podcasts and audio episodes; apart from that, they also help other companies produce work. They also run a wide range of cable networks and US broadcasts.

Working with well-known brands such as Netflix, Sony, YouTube, Lionsgate, Microsoft, Chevrolet, Hulu, MTV, and others, Peak Curiosity is the ultimate production house concerning audio recordings, podcasts, and shows.

6. Dam+ West

Dam+ West

The husband and wife team, Danielle and Ramsey, manages the company for podcast production in New Jersey. They have 30 years of experience concerning the company and provide services to Hollywood. It is one of the best podcast agencies in New Jersey!

The couple have separate careers in Hollywood but have created an efficient career as co-founders. Ramsey Mellette has worked for clients such as Netflix, Showtime, Amazon, Showtime and HBO. At the same time, Danielle Kaplowitz Mellette worked with some of her favorite shows, such as NBC.

The company is located in Stratford, CT, with over $10,000 in projects. Clients have enjoyed their experiences, especially with audio production and service focus.

7. Xaxis


The podcast production firm Xaxis provides services such as transforming media into content for some of the biggest global brands. Xaxis has created podcasts and shows to serve brands such as Skechers, Domino’s Pizza, Snickers, Ford, Nokia, and Volvo.

Across diverse technology, commerce, experience, and communication disciplines, the production firm serves best-in-class agencies with podcast recording, audio production, editing, and marketing. The company mostly focuses on client leadership, Artificial Intelligence, and data sciences.

The company uses advanced technology to make programmatic media for efficiency and effectiveness. Programmatic investment is something that the company was focused on! There are approximately 9000 employees in the organization!

8. Studio Center


The podcast production company is not just a firm but is also considered an audio house with over 800 people working in it. The company’s talented employees develop ideas, design, write, shoot, voice, mix, create, book, record, edit, light, and put the finishing touches to recording projects.

The company has been investing in voiceovers, production of audio for video and film, giving sound to websites, and audio output. Web developers and designers are creating their sites for the products.

They are flexible in providing resources and quality support to create content based on individual and group recordings. The recording sessions will cost you $200 to $300 per hour. It is one of the top podcast production firm New Jersey!

9. Content Allies

Content Allies

Content Allies is the global leader in B2B podcasting and is considered a trusted partner in production, promotion, and strategy. Works with big names in the market; Content Allies are well known for their content creation and networking.

Organizations such as Meta, Gusto, Zendesk, Altus Group, and SEMRUSH are collaborating with Content Allies. The clients of the organization have had exceptional growth and are thriving! The company is still compared to some big names in the podcasting industry in New Jersey, and yet it has created its name.

The company has been significant in helping promote and produce small business podcasts and refining business about business and generation of strategy. They also support startups and new companies integrating production, promotion, and design.

The company has interwoven networks of management with a level of effective and approved decision-making. Along with the same, business standards have been developing within the enterprise environment.

10. Podsickle Media

Podsickle Media

The company is a successful podcast production house involved in fun-based and incredibly powerful work. They have put together a small but right crew who are a talented bunch! The company has its headquarters in Los Angeles, specializing in podcast production and B2B podcasting.

Episodes of podcasts are planned, launched, and produced along with meticulous editing, evaluating, and generating content. They also work in the additional content of developing social content, quote cards, blog posts, quote cards, and others.

Podsickle Media is a dedicated company that has proved very efficient in advertising services through podcast production. Even being a small company, they have performed tremendously well in the market!

People are still skeptical about the podcast production industry because there are concerns related to ownership issues, copyright, and tons of fees they might charge. Beginners planning to record podcasts are probably still determining the added aspects of a podcast production house with their skills, time, and quality.

The workforce required to support the audio recording sessions is well established within a podcast production house compared to the individual effort put in! Audio engineers can help edit and clean up hours of audio, along with developing social media marketing content!

Waste Of Time And Money!

Scripts are created and translated into different languages for distribution across various streaming platforms! It gives you more exposure and reach in accessing the target audience. Yet, many people think that podcast production companies will waste their time and money!

Popularity Is Not Everything

Instead, you must understand that the audio recordings’ schedule and budget are more precise and established with a production company involved. Popularity or fame might be an important part of the process. However, you must remember that resonance is the key!

Many of you can get sidetracked when launching a podcast towards different social media goals and others. The production house will help you keep on track and satisfy your unique podcast needs.

No Difference

There is no gap in quality or quantity regarding the audio recording of podcasts, especially when it comes to the doubt of fabrication.

Even with the best of technology, you need to remember that with the extensive experience and knowledge of the production team, they will not amp down the recording by tampering with it!

Finishing up…

The purpose of highlighting the top podcast production firm New Jersey so that individual podcasters can approach them if they need help. To have a company helping with good quality instruments to record, editing the audio, and other such aspects goes a long way!

As an individual podcaster, performing all the elements of a podcast recording can be difficult, especially when there are so many elements, especially when it is more challenging. Therefore, you must consider collaborating with podcast production firms because they have more resources.

Comment to let us know what podcast listeners you are or what podcasts you record!

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