How to Record a Podcast in an Easy Way

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how to record a podcast

Not sure how to record a podcast? In fact, it’s easier to record a podcast than you think. If you’re passionate about something, then podcasting is one of the best ways to share it with the world. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to record a podcast effectively. Podcasts are audio programs on any specific subject. They are distributed over the internet, and many people are listening to these recordings. 

First of all, you must have a genuine reason for podcasting. Because if you are not clear with your purpose then you will lose motivation in the long run. The ideal way is to podcast about your area of expertise or interest. Secondly, you need a setup to record your podcast. The setup includes a recording studio, a microphone, podcast software, etc. Here in this article, you will learn step by step how to record a podcast.

Things to Consider Before Recording a Podcast

Before learning how to record a podcast, you need to be careful about a few things. Choose the right place, a good microphone, and podcast software. 

Where to Record Your Podcast?

A home or office studio is best suitable for podcasts. It allows you a distraction-free environment for recording your podcast with better equipment than outside. In addition, the quality of the audio is much better and more professional in a quiet environment and easy to edit in a studio. However, if you record your podcast outside using your phone, then send it to your computer for editing. Click here to learn more about podcast recording software.

how to record a podcast

Choose a Good Microphone

A good microphone is essential for recording your podcast, but you need to make a wise choice. Start with a microphone that’s readily available to you. In this digital age, everyone has a built-in microphone, so you can start with these first. Later you can upgrade to more professional microphones.

how to record a podcast

Built-in Microphones: Built-in microphones are not ideal for professional recording. However, this is a better choice to start your podcasting journey. You can record your first couple of audio episodes using built-in microphones. 

USB Microphones: USB microphones are great to start with a low budget. Connect it to your computer and record your podcasts.

Dynamic Microphones: A dynamic microphone is the best choice, as it only records your voice. This type of microphone is best suitable for podcasting as it ignores external noise. Dynamic microphones also can be used for multiple presenters.

Condenser Microphones: Condenser Microphones are professional microphones used in the industry. It records natural and quiet sound and is best suited for multiple presenters.

Podcast Software

It doesn’t matter where you record your podcast in or out of the studio. You’ll need podcast software to edit your recording for better clarity and smooth audio. Plenty of software programs are available to edit your audio. Most people recommend that the best podcast software is Audacity, which is free, user-friendly, and compatible with various operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux). 

how to record a podcast

Besides this, there are a number of other popular software that you can use to edit your recordings. Adobe Audition is another great choice, too, that comes with cool features. Although it’s a bit complex to use, it’s one of the best audio editing software for professionals. Now, let us know how to record a podcast step by step.

How to Record a Podcast

Before we know how to record a podcast, make sure you’ve acquired the recording setup. Keep in mind that you will complete your podcast in three steps such as recording, exporting the audio, and editing. 

Record Your Podcast

You can start recording by clicking the Start button on your recorder. One important thing is that when you record, you can pause the recording in between to take a break. You can pause to breathe and collect your thoughts. 

Even professional podcasters take a break to think about recollecting their ideas and regaining momentum. Pausing periodically helps you in a number of ways. It helps you to recall your ideas and save you from an extra load of editing. 

You start fluffing when you’ve been talking for a long time, taking a break helps you not get into our context. It helps you gain confidence and keep yourself motivated. Once you’ve finished recording, press the Stop button and save it for editing.

Export Your Podcast

After recording your audio, you need to export your audio and save it in a folder. When you finish recording, save it in MP3 or M4A format. While using podcast software you will be asked to fill the details such as Artist name, metadata, Year, Genre, etc. Fill up these details export the file and you can now listen to the podcast from your downloaded area. 

Edit Your Podcast

Podcasts are incomplete without editing. Editing can bring a magical touch to your recording. Use your podcast software to edit your audio. Import the audio from your system to the software. Then use different tools of the software to edit before publishing your audio to the internet. 

The tools of the software help you to cut misspoken words, reduce background noises, trim silent gaps and merge the broken audio clips. You can also amplify the audio or normalize to maintain a consistent audio flow. If you are not sure about using podcast software then you can research and learn it from the internet. 


Summing up

Finally, I recommend that you make a few rehearsals before you publish your podcasts on the internet. After the recording is over, send it to your friends, take feedback from them. Analyze and modify if something needs to be improved. Again, I’m emphasizing that a recording studio, a good microphone, and podcast software are essential for recording a podcast. Hopefully, you’ve learned how to record a podcast from this article. In case you have any questions about the podcast, drop in the comment section.


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