How New Wireless Tech Has Turned Up the Headphone Game

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new wireless tech

Into games like Fortnite or League of Legends? Do you work as a music producer or a video editor for YouTube content?

If you do, you need high-end headphones.

Headphones have a lot of importance in our lives. More people use them since most have active noise control. That allows them to listen to their favorite music even in the noisiest areas.

But, newer tech introduces new features. Today’s headphones can do so much more.

The new wireless tech changed the game in a lot of considerable ways as the years go by. But what are the improvements you need to look out for? Read on and learn more today.

1. USB-C is the New Charging Standard:

The shift to USB-C wireless headphones as the new standard is long overdue. Most major headphone makers keep updating their flagship models with new features. But the problem is the fact that they’re still keeping the outdated MicroUSB standard.

But that isn’t the case anymore in recent months. If you look at HeadphonesAddict, most of the wireless models now feature a USB-C charging port. It seems that manufacturers now think that investing in this feature is worthwhile.

What this meant is that the market started to get flooded with headphones powered with USB-C. Major companies like Sony made the switch with their new models this year. With that, a lot of their reviews improved, with some people saying that their products are some of the best wireless headphones in the market.

It’s important to get a charger that’s compatible with all your gadgets. The degree of convenience is great, and once you get used to it, you won’t settle for less. MicroUSB-type headphones will become the minority, and before long they’ll become obsolete.

2. Each Pair of Headphones Now has a Voice Assistant Trigger:

Bose pioneered an additional feature that helped launch your voice assistant of choice. It’s basic in the sense that it’s a dedicated button that can launch the Google Assistant, for example. But its usage grew at an exponential rate throughout this year.

A lot of major bands use triggers to help launch these voice assistants. For example, iPhone users have the means of accessing Siri using their headphones. This represents the unified vision of what the immediate future of wireless headphones entails for the coming years.

Most experts believe that this feature will become an integral part of future headphones. Right now, it’s still on its initial stage of simplistic smartphone link capabilities. Over time, most major industry players will fit the necessary processing powers to make them smarter.

3. Battery Life Getting Much Better:

This feature saw a lot of incremental improvements as the years go by. But compared to other features, battery life might be one of the most important. For example, Sony’s new models have 30 hours’ worth of power even when its noise-canceling feature is active.

If the newest Sony headphone’s noise-canceling feature is off, its battery life becomes much longer. In fact, that might mean that it can last for days before you need to charge it again. It’s a great by-product of the technology’s maturation.

The great thing about most brands is that their noise canceling technology is much better. The main reason is the fact that they added a new dedicated chip for this feature. Everyone expects this technology to improve more when it comes to battery efficiency.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s large over-ear designs or smaller in-ear ones. Each new wireless headphone generation will focus on increasing their battery life. It becomes more apparent since the improvements made on this technology is as rapid as the development of 4G.

It will take a while before the headphone models’ battery life performance plateaus. But when that happens, that might mean days of uninterrupted usage.

4. Smarter Design:

Designers took their time and tried a lot of different methods to perfect their products. Again, Sony is a good example of what to do when designing a good wireless headphone model. It took them three generations of their model 1000Xs to make it great.

Its design compared to its predecessors made it more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. It has less weight and ergonomic design compared to other brands. Despite this, it retains its technological benchmark-setting performance.

This set of improvements are remarkable when you consider the wireless headphone designs years back. The true wireless ones looked ugly and were too large for comfort. They didn’t make good connections with your device and the sound quality was horrid.

Now, these neat headphones can make you forget you’re wearing them. That’s the kind of design that can take you into a magical, musical experience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the busiest environment.

What to Expect in 2019:

Most experts predict that new breeds of wireless Bluetooth headphones will center their builds around the Qualcomm’s next generation of the adaptive audio codec. The AptX codec’s design helps handle the troublesome aspects of wireless connections. With this, you can expect light, over-ear headphones with studio-quality sound.

This helps fulfill the increasing demand from people. It helps especially when it comes to the quality of future wireless headphone models. The faster cities grow, the longer commute times become, making it a necessity to listen to good music.

Get the New Wireless Tech Today!

As the demand for quality headphones increase, companies become obliged to deliver quality. After all, the only thing that sets apart brands from each other is their quality. It’s good news for consumers since everyone gets more choices without having to pay for large sums of money.

For people still stuck on headphone jacks, know that it’s becoming more obsolete. The new wireless tech is the future. Its ease of use and affordability will see to that.

Do you need some help charging your devices? You can read this guide and learn more about the best charging options around. You’ll also get a good look at what the future holds for this technology.

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