How To Enhance Your Home Theatre Experience

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Home Theatre

After basic furnishings, the next most splurge-worthy item for any house is a home theatre system. Often people put a lot of research and effort into buying the perfect TV and surround sound speakers but inadvertently ignore the little things that contribute to a flawless home theatre experience. Whether you have a surround sound hooked up to your living room TV or a dedicated room for the full-blown cinematic viewing adventure, these pointers will put you on track to getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to enhancing your home theatre.

Optimal TV Position:


Home theatre systems require your TV to be in full view of everyone in the room, with proper overall placement and viewing angles. TV stands of many different shapes and sizes are available, even cool, backlit ones! TV stands with brackets are another alternative. While the stand is used for storage and organization of accessories, the TV can be mounted onto a multi-action wall bracket at any height you want. In addition to looking quite savvy, this allows for more options for positioning and flexible viewing angles.

Optimal TV Position

Lights, camera, action!:

Installing dimmers, or ceiling LED lights that can be dimmed or brightened as required, is a cost-efficient way to give the room some serious theatre vibes. Corner lamps or strips of LED lighting along the sides of the room can also do wonders for the ambiance while watching a film.

Lights, camera, action

Show off your collection:

If your home theatre set up seems to be lacking pizzazz, an easy fix is to include some stylish cabinets where your movie and gaming collections can be proudly put on display. These double as decoration and can be interspersed with decorative pieces to add visual interest. Besides, what says cinematic haven more than having all your favorite movies easily within reach?


Including some comfy leather recliners or richly upholstered comfortable chairs might just be the best thing you can do to improve your viewing experience. Bean bags, floor cushions, or ottoman benches will make welcome additions as well. Comfortable seating in front of a great home theatre system is all one needs to bust out some popcorn, kick back and relax over a trending show.


Side tables:

Speaking of popcorn, a handy tip to increase convenience is to keep a few sleek side tables or a nest of small coffee tables nearby to place food and beverages on. These do not take up much space and can be easily stowed away in a corner when not in use to reduce visual clutter and keep your TV room looking fantastic always.


If a separate room has been allotted for the home theatre arrangement, it is ideal for soundproofing the room through special soundproof curtains or panels. This prevents undue disturbance to the rest of the family while allowing you to kick up the volume to enjoy a fully immersive movie experience.

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