The ever-rising popularity of yoga and fitness has created the awareness of maintaining health care. Since we’re living in a mobile-oriented world we need to give our mind some rest and peace. Some people are of the opinion that mobile phones are great enemy of mindfulness, where in fact, we can use smartphones as a tool to relax our mind, calm anxiety, sleep better, manage stress, hone your focus, and much more. There are plenty of mindfulness and meditation apps readily available to help you relax and chill.

1. Insight Timer:

Insight Timer is ranked to be the most popular app in the iTunes. It offers thousands of meditation practices from different teachers on different topics such as stress, anxiety, panic attacks etc. The key features of the app are the ability to find meditation by selective language and you can set a reminder to know when your meditation session is getting over. You can set a quiet reminder including lovely sound and bell timer that will keep you and your mood on the right track. You can even get to know how many people were meditating with you and what they’re listening to by turning on the location.

2. Omvana:

Omvana is a meditation app that joins you with different kind of meditation practices. The app consists of thousands of different meditation practices which has a free as well as a paid option. Although the app is free to download and free to use, there are certain practices that can be bought. The meditation practices entail a range of quiet and simple meditation practices to full guided practices. Omnava app is a great app for a person who wants to experience meditation for free and get a solid learning experience.

3. Stop, Breathe & Think:

Stop, Breathe & Think is yet another app with a free to purchase option. Let’s assume a person is in a situation where he’s feeling heavy and can feel anxiety bottling up inside him. This app saves you from getting stressed and panic attacks and will guide you accordingly to your mood swing. It has over 55 meditative practices with 5 selective options to tailor your needs and maintain your health and mindfulness. Moreover, you can track your health and stress progress daily or weekly.

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4. Calm:

Calm is an effective mindfulness and meditation app. The app revolves around assisting you for 7 days which will introduce you to mindfulness and meditation sessions. In addition to mindfulness, you will find peace and sense of calm during the practice. The app aims to help you recover from anxiety attacks, sleep deprivation, lack of focus, and more. The app is best recommended for beginners and regular users for advanced practices with many more to unlock as premium version.

4. The Mindfulness App:

Mindfulness app is a great app to establish mind peace on a daily basis. Mindfulness and relaxation come naturally when you’re meditating regularly. Use the mindfulness app on trial version and you will be prompted to download the premium version. We believe that this app is a great way to gain a fantastic experience to learn and grow within. As the app consists of 200+ guided meditations with various lengths and different meditators, each one provides a different technique as per your need. The app is available for free as well as paid subscription.

Wrapping up

Whether it’s the soothing sound, guided meditation, voice to talk through assistance, mindfulness apps are available to help you overcome all the negativity in life and ease you into a relaxing state. As we have mentioned above, there are a variety of apps that you can download from the App Store in your iOS devices and practice mindfulness. You might be unfamiliar but your smartphone devices have a lot to offer you.

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