Voyager 2 of the NASA spacecraft was back by connecting it on Friday. It would be possible because flight controllers made the mistake which had led to several weeks of silence. The connection with Voyager 2 was stopped two weeks ago by darting into interstellar space, billions of miles away.

On Wednesday, the Deep Space Network of NASA sent the network in hopes of re-pointing the antenna. By using the highest-powered transmitter in Australia, it would be possible. The command took over 18 hours to reach the Voyager 2 spacecraft. Finally, this Friday, the spacecraft returned as per the information from California’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

A Planetary scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Linda Spilker said, “After two weeks of not hearing anything, we’re back to getting unique data from the interstellar medium.” Based on the information of New York Times, “The space agency lost contact with Voyager 2 on July 21 when the mission team accidentally sent a command that pushed the spacecraft’s antenna two degrees away from Earth. “

The project manager of Voyager 2 added that it was upsetting and worrisome to be able to pick up the only heartbeat. Another spokeswoman stated that the chances of successfully communicating with Voyager 2 were slim. Based on the Eastern time on Friday, 12:29 am, Voyager 2 again began transmitting science data. Apart from that, scientists also confirmed that the study remained on its path. The mission controller from California reacted with many high fives in favor of this amazing news; his tears and joy were seen on this mission succession.

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